Saturday, July 3, 2010

BYOC>>>>>> Saturday Edition.

I guess I have to bring more crazy since I constantly am late with my BYOC. What a mess this week has been so I should expect more crazy than the usual abundance. Let me get right to it! 1)Seeing that this is a patriotic holiday of sorts... Draz thought of this one, Where were you on September 11? First of all, a patriotic holiday of sorts? It is our country's birthday so it is the most patriotic holiday of all, not of sorts.... LOL. Well, at least for us crazy American bloggers... And since the world revolves around us... On September 11, I had to work. I worked for DisneyWorld answering "all" of the phone lines and as you can imagine with Disney being one of the supposive targets it was crazy. I got called into work early, I couldn't stop crying. It was such a shock that I really couldn't believe it. We closed down all the parks... which never happens but we couldn't take a risk of someone getting hurt because of Disney being business as usual, No one was business as usual that day. We had alot of crazy questions from all over the world. When I said I answered all the phones... I wasn't kidding. I worked the switchboard where all the main numbers for all the parks, resorts, information lines, etc... including ABC New York. which means so many more calls with questions and concerns. It was a great distraction and it kept me from thinking about the loss of life and the murderers who have no thought for human life. I flew back from Philly the day before, my twins nieces were born September 5 and we went up for their baby shower... which they decided not to miss. They were born premature so there were many worries but they were beautiful and tiny but pulled through well, considering. We flew back on September 10th... and we were lucky that we had to work September 11, mostly because we could have been on one of those planes. I still can't help but think about how our country was changed that day... 2)What is your idea of fun? If given the chance to skip work/life for an entire day, what would you do?(assume you'd be by yourself) I would wake up, take a long uninterrupted shower, spend some quality time with my multi-setting showerhead (TMI?), I would eat breakfast, head out to shop, go to the stores I wanted to go, maybe a mani/pedi, stop by Piktails(My scrapbook store) sit and crop a while and have lunch with the girls there, maybe go to the movies and/or watch a bunch of silly reality TV. Blog and read my blogs... then bedtime. I might throw a nice bath in there instead of the shower... but my showerhead might get jealous. 3)Suggestion from a follower, some blog questions... How many blogs do you follow? 59 Do you read them all or just your favorites?I usually read them all, but when I'm in a hurry or behind, I sometimes miss a few. Do you comment a little, alot on all? I try to comment always but sometimes, If it's something I don't know alot about or I don't have the experience yet, I will just give a few words of support but no advice. I undervalue my own advice in these cases... LOL Have you ever unfollowed someone because of something they said or you didn't like about their blog? Not Yet, but the day is just getting started... keep yourselves prim, proper and in line with my high standards and morals... wait, What was that about my showerhead? I can't think of anything that would make me offended enough to drop someone but I don't like it when people lose weight and then become the people who made their life miserable always judging people's weight, constantly watching what other's eat(worry about your own decisions), or what they wear(Yes, I've seen the chubby girl in the Spandex Miniskirt), or God Forbid call someone names because of their weight... I come here for support to help me succeed in my quest for weight loss, not to feel fatter and be judged for my weight. I like this community for alot of reasons but mostly for support and acceptance. I will never forget the fat that I escaped from... It is still a part of me. Do you routinely unfollow and why? I don't unfollow... but if someone stops writing their blog for several months, maybe I would stop follow but probably not even then, since if they're not writing it wouldn't clog up my dashboard and i wouldn't see their blog to think about it. I always follow a blogger who makes me laugh since I love to laugh and make other's laugh. 4)Repeat question... Pick one day and one healthy thing that you'll do just for that day next week. On monday, I will drink more water... I try to get in a gallon every day but fail most days. I will drink a gallon of water on monday. 5)Repeat "Make someone a superstar question"...Whose blog post or comment has stuck with you this week and why? I have to say that Amy W.'s "I'm coming out" blog was so brave, witty, and honest... which is usual for her blogs but it is refreshing still. She is an amazing inspiration and I hope to continue to let honesty have it's way with me in my blog... most of the time.


  1. OMG! I am so ROFL... speaking of showerheads, I will never forget the day ours broke and the DH replaced it WITH A HUNK-O-CRAP! He never quite got why I was so pissed!!! lol To get even, I placed an online order in plain packaging addressed to him!
    I have a feeling we should un-follow each other immediately! just kidding... Jen

  2. Oh!MY! You're too funny.

    I love the support and acceptance here, too. I feel like I could say anything, have a crappy day or week and share it, or whatever... with no worries about what anyone would think.

    Thanks for sharing your BYOC!