Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WTF.... A Life in Bullet form.

Well....I have been doing well... making good choices with food and exercising at least 5 days a week. So why do I feel discouraged?

  • I still feel like I'm on that hateful plateau, even though the scale seemed to be heading down, It keeps bouncing back up... Maybe it's muscle from working out so much, maybe I am retaining water, maybe I am a sleep eater, but I need to feel like I am working towards something and I have fought hard to get the scale going down... and I am not liking the hanging around and a few times it looked like I am gaining.

  • Why don't I do what I say I'm going to do? I've been saying that I am going to get a tape measure to take my measurements so I can really see if I am losing inches even if I am not losing pounds but i still haven't done it.... I never did it, even before my surgery. I don't know why because it seems to be sabotaging my success. I WILL take my measurement this week.

  • My scale is definitely acting up and so is the gym's scale... I want to believe the lows and I want to not believe the highs but since I can't get the same number twice and I am all over the grid... I need to get a new scale. I should stop weighing myself like Amy W. did since I could use a little less obsessing about numbers and a little more obsessing about exercising and keeping active.

  • I have admitted finally to myself that I should have gotten the Gastric Bypass... I just have too much to lose for the band. I wanted to teach myself new eating habits and to be able to make good choices most of the time but even though I do... the weight's not coming off and I get very frustrated. I thought that the band would make me work hard to get the weight off but would really be helpful in keeping it off but I struggle alot more than I thought I would and I feel like I am on a diet most of the time which makes me lose hope. I feel deprived often and resent myself for letting my weight get this out of control.

  • I forgot the other thing I had to say here.... but I am reading Tina Fey's book Bossypants. Most of you know that Tina and I went to high school together. As I am reading it, I am doing alot of reminising and remembering old times. I did really enjoy High School unlike alot of other people did... It's weird to think that there were memories before George.... lets call it BG. Well, BG... I was beautiful, with porcelin skin, fiery redhair and black diamond eyes that sparkled when I smiled/laughed. I didn't know any of this at the time. I wish George had been there to see me in my glory days but he was sorta geeky and I probably wouldn't have given him the time of day. It's funny how time changed us for the better. I had mad curves but was not fat... even though I thought I was... Well, maybe I was a little chubby. I dream of being chubby now. I wouldn't want to go back to live through a time BG, since I now know how incredible he is... but it's fun to think about those days.

  • Because of being lost in Tina's book at the gym... I rode the bike for over an hour. So, Thanx Tina... for making my Bossypants a little baggier.


  1. Sleep eater...THAT must be my problem too!!!

    127 pounds...YOU have done the work to make that happen. YOU will be able to make it to goal. YOU rock!!!

  2. Ok Sweetie, First, everyone goes through that plateau thingy.. mine lasted 4 months stuck at 203.. no matter what I did, cu t calories, increase protein.. more exercise, more cardio.. how frustration.. perserve my dear.. and I too have read BossyPants, what a funny book.. she cuts the crap and gets right to the point of how she got to where she is today.. good read. hugs

  3. The feeling of being on a constant diet is hard i'm sure. Have you considered havng a revision surgery?

    You will be a success no matter what you do. I believe in you.

  4. Don't give up hope. You can and will do this!! :)

  5. How cool you went to high school with Tina! Love her! Where did you go to school?
    Don't get discouraged! We all go through these horrible plateaus. They suck big time.

  6. Congrats on the great workout. Please don't get discouraged. Believe me, I am in the same boat. Constantly choosing the wrong foods though I have this band in me and not losing the weight the way I want. Being resentful, knowing if I had stuck to the plan these last couple of months, I'd practically be at goal. Keep Ya Head Up!! We can all do it, we can all do it together!!

  7. hang in there roomie! you have done a great job so far- I agree with what you said about feeling like you are on a "diet"- I do too on most days. I'm hangin in there with you at the gym- we can do this, it is hard but we can do this!

  8. It's very discouraging to feel like you're doing all this hard work, putting in the effort and not seeing any results. I think at times like this it's important to remember how far you've come. (easier said than done, I know!) You've done great and eventually the scale will have to recognize that as well!

  9. I feel like I am on a diet alot of the time too. But I'm sure you know your eating habits are so much better then they were. weightloss is a struggle for almost everyone, don't be discuraged. You have done so well. Maybe try setting a weekly caloric goal and variing the daily calories to stay under that amount. It doesn't let your body get used to living on just a set amount every day.

  10. You are so right, it is hard. And some days it seems overwhelming. But you have come so far and I believe that you can get through it!

    Maybe breaking things up into smaller, more doable goals? Maybe pick one healthy choice to implement each week? Things were you can get a sense of accomplishment so you can get yourself re-motivated.

    Oh, and have you got that tape measure yet? Six months from now, you will REALLY want to have that info so you can see how awesomely far you have come! I know it!!

  11. Hi, I'm following you back now! :) Don't be discouraged, plateaus happen, and eventually go away!

  12. Hi Maria....I know how frustrating it can be, not losing weight for so long, and I feel it too. However, I know that my main reason for not losing the weight right now, is myself...I am my own worst enemy!! However, when you are doing everything right, and still don't lose the weight, is even worse...

    Maria, you were banded 4 months after me, and I have only lost 59 lbs!! You have lost 127.4, so you are doing fantastic!! But everyone else is right, take your measurements, I can guarantee that you are losing inches even if not the weight!! Even if you don't post them, for your own information, you will see the difference!

    And Sleep Eating! LOL If only I could use that excuse, but since I don't go to bed until at least 2-3 am if not later, I am AWAKE through the night!! So no excuse for me! LOL

    And I liked High School too!! I am one of the weird ones I guess. But I actually did enjoy it. And if only I looked like I did in High School....98-100 lbs, and this was eating 4 meals a day (and 2 of them at McDonald's)!!

    And as for the Gastric Bypass. My Surgeon tried to convince me that the GB was the answer for me, especially since I admitted that I am a "GRAZER". But he agreed to the Lap Band when my husband and I didn't want to do the GB per our GP's begging me not to do it.

    In hindsight, I too wish that I had done the GB. But now I hear so much good things about the Sleeve (it wasn't available to me then), that if I have problems in the future, I WILL have Revision Surgery to the Sleeve, and Walt agrees.

    I may even bring up Revision Surgery to my Surgeon, to see if he feels it is a good option for me now in order to continue to lose weight....

  13. Are you seeing a dietician with your surgeon? Someone who can advise you on how to eat now? I love mine!