Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a Week! or should I say "What a Weak!"

Well, I have been having car troubles and I am hoping to get it up and running soon but since I live right outside Philadelphia, I use the car alot less than I did in Florida... and I have been considering cutting the expense. It is so expensive to own a car with the insurance, car payments, gas, tolls, and maintenance... and public transportation is alot cheaper and I can read, listen to my IPod, text, talk on the phone or just talk to whoever's with me, myself, or even strangers.... These are things you really can't shouldn't do while driving. With Public Trans I also get more exercise since walking is a part of the public trans lifestyle.... Am I crazy for thinking about this?
I have been simplifying my life... a little at a time. I went to support group last night with a friend who is pre-band... She and I went to high school together and we have alot in common. It makes me wonder why we weren't good friends then but the timing must not have been right. She tells me that I am inspirational.... lol... I tell her it's lucky she doesn't see me late at night munching on handfuls of captain crunch. The support group is at the University of Penn Hospital, which I am sure most of you have heard of since it is all Ive league and such. I like the group but it is mostly pre-band folk and I feel like a prize pig on display at a county fair... plus, I don't really look like a success story yet... but I don't mind being the center of attention, much. There is a post-band group that is for people who are 6 months out or more, and I may try that one too but I will still keep going to this other one since my friend is pre-band.
I think I need a fill... but I haven't started with a new doctor yet. I had my insurance switch over on July 1st but I am a slacker... I will make an appt with the top doctor at Penn. I probably won't even meet him since I hear he does the surgeries but the PAs do the fills/followups/maintenance stuff. I will call tomorrow, I will call tomorrow... I will call tomorrow. I'll probably forget again...
My eating had been pretty good but my exercise routine is off because of my broken down car... I need to get on the bus to go to the gym, but tonight I did do to a Aqua Zumba class with my friend from the support group/high school. I don't want to tell you her name to respect her privacy but... Her name is a KISS song. Clue! When we got to the Y, the Zumba instructor wasn't there so we had another girl do a regular water aerobics class which was an awesome workout. She did some strength training, cardio, and pilates stretching... It was quite the workout. I think I am going to mix in some more water aerobics to my exercise schedule. I only stopped because it was like senior social hour at my Y in Orlando. Which would be fine if they weren't in the way chatting... and tripping me.
I want to jump start my weight loss again. I know I will never lose as fast as I did in the beginning but I would like some more consistancy. I am thinking of doing some type of diet to get me back on track. Like Atkins, or a cleanse... I did to find a way to stop the night hungers. I do great all day and I am starving at night.
I guess I've bored you enough with my summary of events... I am still fighting the good fight and I look forward to seeing you all in Chicago... and if you're not going. It's not too late! It's a great time! No one should miss!


  1. water areobics are great! I was going to the class at my gym for awhile.
    Thats awesome that you have someone so close to you that is getting a band. It's nice to have someone to talk to outside of blog land.

  2. Water Zumbo sounds like fun! I wish they offered it around me.
    I am a relatively new follower. If you are interested, cehck out my blog at

  3. good post roomie! I am committing to doing a "diet" of some sort (probably strict low carb) right after my triathlon to kick start my weight loss again as well... So Aug 15 is my start date for that next step. Can't wait to see you soon in Chicago! :) love ya!

  4. My name is a KISS song name!! :) I think trying public transportation is a GREAT idea! It would give you some fun down time to get things done and it would give you more activity during the day. WIN-WIN!

  5. Maria, why do you have Captain Crunch in your house? It is crack I tell you!

  6. Water classes sound like a blast!

  7. Jump starting your weight loss is a good idea . . . but I'd ask around before doing a "diet". Getting back on track w/ your meals and shakes is really the way to go. Shakes helped me in the beginning, regardless of the type of surgery we have.