Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Whine... and a little cheese too.

Whine #1~I have been busting my ass at the gym all this past week and I was rewarded with my TOM, intense heat, bloating, weird TOM cravings and binging, and more plateauing on the scale.
Whine#2~I can't help mentioning the heat yet again, I mean last summer I was living in Orlando, and had about 100 more pounds of fat and I wasn't ever this hot. I did expect to be hotter by losing all this weight, but I thought I'd be hotter figuratively, not literally.
Whine#3~My BFF who I have known 25+ years found out that another friend of mine is referred to get a lapband... and she went on and on about how people are using WLS as the end all be all, instead of pushing away from the table and getting up off the couch... She said this TO ME. I don't know what to think about it, I have a lapband, she knows it and she knows how hard I work to lose weight. How can we expect people who don't understand lapband surgery to realize that It is still hard work, If our closest friends who watch us in our everyday life don't? I am so disappointed in her comments. When I confronted her during this soapbox speech, She told me I'm the exception... not the rule. She's a bit of a Know-It-All and it's pretty annoying but you take the good with the bad so I've put up with it. BUT when she pretends to know more than I do about something like lapband surgery... COME ON! I asked her how many people that she personally know who have had WLS? ONE, Just me? I know quite a few more than that, and I only know one or two who aren't trying to follow their doctor's orders, eat right, and exercise. And they both had Gastric Bypass. I don't know any bandster who isn't trying to "Do the right thing"... most of the time. So, I wonder? Does She think I am sitting on my ass and not working at this? She went to the gym with me twice, watched my work outs, and has stayed over my house several times since I moved home... so she sees what I eat, and what I don't eat. I am at a loss. I know I need to forget this and move on, but It keeps creeping back in to my thoughts.
Last Whine(I promise)~My Nephews have been away all week in Ocean City Maryland... on a family vacation, one that my brother really needed. I have missed them terribly but they came home today and I will be seeing them tomorrow at a family birthday pool party. That's the cheesy part. I love my nephews!


  1. When I hear people talk about WLS surgery being the easy way out, I just want to ask them "Exactly what part is easy?" For Lap Banders, our band help us eat a bit less, but I swear that we have to work just as hard with making choices, committing to exercise and not regaining the weight as anyone else, but we are also under more of a microscope by friends and family because everyone assumes that we should be just dropping weight like hotcakes BECAUSE we had surgery.

  2. How odd, not to mention insensitive that she would make those comments to you! She must not be paying attention, because you've been working hard to get where you are.

    I'm sorry you had to have that conversation with her, but it is a real sign of maturity that you value her friendship more than to allow her foolish words to ruin it.

  3. That's why I don't tell many people that I have the lapband because most people do not realize that those of us who have the lapband work just as hard as any one else who is trying to loose the weight - it is still a matter of eating right and exercising - nothing in this life comes easy!

  4. That was a sucky conversation. Sorry you had it. I have a good friend that is a little like that as well and I just take it all with a grain of salt. I think you are doing great BTW!

  5. That is super craptastic . . . BFF or not, that is down right mean. She can agree to disagree but doesn't need a soapbox rant. That is just insensitive.

    We make little and big decisions everyday and for some reason, people (family, or not) think they have a right to make an opinion on it. They don't.

    I try to stay present and not let gossip/opinions/crap let in the way but it is hard . . .