Monday, February 29, 2016

The Academy Awards.... The Super Bowl for Movie Buffs.

Well, Every year we go to a Oscar Party, but last night we went downtown to the Philadelphia Film Society's Academy Award Gala. It was a change from our usual casual affair. We were surrounded with fellow Movie Buffs and Critics. It was Black Tie Optional... so we dressed to the nine's...Well, maybe 8 1/2 was all we could afford but we brought our A game.  Here we are for Selfie Sunday...
 My George and I are so blessed that we are both Movie Buffs... This was our 25th Oscar Season together. So it was a nice to change it up for once.
 Here I am... Selfie from above to make me look
Here I am natural... just me.

           As for the Awards themselves.... I was so thrilled that after 22 years of being nominated 4 times and deserving to be nominated 4 more times, at least.... Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for best Actor in Revenant. I was so happy for him, it was much deserved, amazing performance as usual. I am also thrilled that Brie Larson won her first Oscar for Room, which was another great performance and Film.I was happy that Spotlight won best picture... It is also a great film. Amy was a much deserved win for best documentary, and Inside Out was a much deserved win for best Animated Film. 

           I spend the weekend with my brother and his family before the Oscar Party... my nephew Chase Graduated to the Purple Belt in Karate on Saturday and we love spending time together. Being an Aunt brings me so much joy. This is the Movie Monday addition of my blog but I threw in some family, summary and also Selfies... I am still working on this Blogging more often thing.


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  1. Leonardo was just stunning in Gilbert Grape and has just got better and better. Well deserved!