Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Great Weekend.... Look at me Selfie!

                  Hey Guys! I started writing this blog years ago for myself... but these days It's nice to know someone is listening. Please toss me a comment letting me know you're still reading, what else you want to hear/talk about and if you have a blog give me the link. This is my Selfie that I took yesterday.... I don't take a lot of photos of myself because of my weight problem.... or I would stand behind my husband so I promised myself this year that I would take selfies every Sunday, Selfie Sunday... and I will take more photos with everyone else.... Friends, Family, Dog, and of course... My George. I am still super critical of myself but I am Instagraming and putting photos on Facebook regularly... so i will be more confident that beauty comes from within...and I am a natural beauty. Who cares about my broken nose which didn't heal right, my chipped crooked smile, my extra chins, my fat rolls, or my laugh lines?...I will see myself through the eyes of George. He who doesn't see my flaws and imperfections only my joy, smiles, the sparkle in my eyes, He sees into my soul... and guess what? Redheads do have souls, regardless of the rumors.Well, I will also share with you... and I promise you like I promised myself, 2 compliments for every critique. Here I am! Flawless Imperfection... Happy Selfie Sunday Everyone! 


                       I went to my niece Emma's 1st Birthday party yesterday, family fun...and a food feast. I used to allow myself a "Cheat Day" at my family parties but we are a way social bunch, so many parties... Yesterday, I ate some fresh fruit, some turkey, and a chocolate dipped strawberry for dessert. And No Cake! I was sorta proud of myself. My Aunt is known for baking, so it's kinda a big deal. 

                      As for this week, Monday... We went to the regular movies to see a couple movies that we missed. We saw Race, The Boy, and The Witch.... I really like Horror movies. Tuesday, We are headed to a screening of Triple 9, Wednesday's screening is Gods of Egypt and Thursday's screening is London is Falling. So full schedule... and This coming weekend is like the Super Bowl for Movie Buffs.... The Academy Awards. Which we go to an Oscar Party every year to watch and celebrate with friends. 

                  So I don't get bored of writing and you don't get bored of reading... I thought I would do these days every week.... like Selfie Sunday, Movie Monday, Trash Talk Tuesday, Weight Loss Wednesday, Travel Thursday, Friends & Family Friday and Summary Saturday... I don't mean that is all I will talk about on those days but that is the main topic for those days. So Let me know you're out there.... Let's Chat!


  1. I am reading : ) And I love the guy who photobombed your selfie!!!

    fff xoxo

  2. I'm here! Of course you can't get rid of me at this point... xoxo