Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Conbo Post.... Tuesday and Wednesday!

Hey! I was too tired to write last night... Like anyone could be too tired to talk trash... Welcome to the first Trash Talk Tuesday edition of my blog!

                                  I take public transportation.... In the Philly Area it's called SEPTA which stands for (SouthEasternPublicTransportationAssociation).... We Lovingly call it Septic. We don't own a car right now, which isn't a big problem since we lived right outside of Philadelphia, but sometimes it's annoying, although not annoying enough to pay a car payment, insurance payment, and gas.... but frustrating, none the less. 
I borrow my Mom's car to do errands and get annoyed by other drivers within minutes and look forward to riding the subway and listening to my iPod, reading my book, texting without a fiery crash... etc. That being said... Some of the folks that take public trans are unique in both looks and smells. It can be eye/nose opening... Pushing and Shoving on and off is part of the experience always as well. 

                               We live in an apartment bldg.... It is a cute old bldg... and it's located in a great area, which is very convenient to shops, restaurants, and public transportation....and here comes the trash talk part. My neighbors are nice enough but... they are all young couples who fight a lot and most of the time it's in the middle of the night. Sometimes they take it to the hallways as well... so I think about going out there with some popcorn and a chair to enjoy the show. It's like they're auditioning for Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. I used to get worried about domestic violence but after checking with the other neighbors, it seems the women are the aggressors and sometimes beat up their men. So my next door neighbor on one side, is in prison for Aggravated assault on her boyfriend. Which actually quieted things down some, but the neighbors on the other side are filling in for her in her absence. So, don't worry, this Boring old Happily Married Couple is getting their dose of the dramatic. Let's be honest... maybe even an Overdose of the Dramatic. 

 Weight Loss Wednesday.... 

                         These are some of my staples of my diet and nutrition.... My Faves if you will.
 I have tried all kinds of protein shakes, and I found that the more protein they have in them... The worse they taste. I use the Atkins Mocha latte ones because they taste like a high calorie iced coffee drink.... at a low calorie price. They are delicious and sometimes when I am not hungry they make a great meal replacement or a bump in my protein if I am having a low day.
 Quest are by far my favorite protein bars.... I always take one to the movies with me to snack on while everyone around me is munching popcorn and candy. They are a good amount of protein and a ton of fiber. I like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough best but White Chocolate raspberry and Peanut butter and Jelly are great too. They are great to toss in your purse for later because they don't melt either.
I missed Bread... I cut it out completely for a long time but I have added it back in but I always look for some protein and fiber.. with low calories. These taste great. and I have used them for sandwiches, burgers, and even pizza or calzones... 

Well, Tomorrow is Thursday and since it's my first Travel Thursday I will do my post on my trip to China...with lots of Photos. See Ya Then!



  1. I look forward to your China post! Thanks in advance.
    How is your weight loss doing? Did you get the sleeve?

    1. My weight loss is in a stall for a while... because I eat crap I shouldn't mostly, but I haven't gained back luckily. I do have a sleeve... I am just getting back to being serious about using it and losing weight again.

  2. People rave about those quest bars! I might look into seeing if I can get them in Australia somewhere. Anything cookie dough has to be good doesn't it?

    1. Quest has a website too and Amazon sells them. Also GNC and some supermarkets.