Thursday, February 18, 2016

A day in the life of a trophy wife...

Here we go.... Do you translate your dog's barking into complaints and/or requests? My little white puffy Prince has alot to say so My George and I translate what he means to each other. I believe he may think we're crazy but his love is unconditional.

                  Isn't TV awesome? There's like a million shows worth watching.... And even for a lady of leisure like myself, there's not enough hours in the day. I did stop watching the weight loss reality ones, because instead of inspiring me to lose weight and work out.... They make me binge eat and give me overwhelming depression.... I didn't really understand why at first.... But it's because I really want an easy way out, but there is none!

                  Here's the movie buff stuff.... I am not a critic, I believe art is relative and just because I love or hate a film, doesn't mean you will. That being said.... I saw "Risen" last night. I was incredibly moved, it's a great journey. I felt renewed after seeing those who walked with Jesus portrayed so eloquently. The story was about the Roman soldier who was transformed completely after meeting Jesus Christ while investigating rumors that he rose from the dead.  Disclaimer: I am a Christian, but i accept any religion/way of life that teaches you the difference between right and wrong, pay it forward, give back, protect the environment and help those less fortunate etc..... And I appreciate all other ways of thinking, if love and goodwill is balanced.
                   This weekend is my niece Emma's 1st birthday party, I really look forward to seeing and spending time with my family, but every family celebration revolves around food.... Which is difficult for me, since my relationship with food is still so Fucked up. So wish me luck! And I will do my part by not going there hungry and making better choices....

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