Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stuck.... a Journey into Madness.

Well, It's been 16 days since my fill... and I was enjoying my new restriction... until today. I enjoyed Valentine's Day... but it was stressful. My Stepfather-in-law is pure evil... I am pretty sure I mentioned it before but yesterday when we were running late already to head out for dinner and a movie... He had one of his fits and sent me into a sobfest, while driving to Jersey. He is mean with his words and threatening with his fists, and even though he's never hit me yet... I live in fear of him. Unfortunately, my husband isn't always home but yesterday they basically got into a fist fight when my George came to my aid during this "fight" with the Evil One. I hate to be in that position but I defend my MIL, who takes his verbal abuse daily... and as most of you who know me are aware... I can't keep my mouth shut, I don't ignore... things well. I stand up for myself and those I love... and I stand up for what I believe in. These are usually good qualities but sometimes... they aren't, at all. Because you can't use logic against those who are INSANE. They don't understand logic and it's their way... always. This is one of my run-on sentences posts... obviously.

I so don't want to end up on Springer but my FIL was born to be on that show...When we got away from him, and took my MIL with us, how romantic? We were meeting my Mom and her Fiance for dinner and a movie anyway. So, the more the merrier.... I couldn't calm down, I didn't want my mom to know how he treats us so I wanted to get myself together before we arrived at the restaurant... and I did. But my Band.... not so much, The stress made it like a vice. It was awful and I spent most of the time in the restroom, even though I only ordered soup.

Well, We went to the Advanced screening of Titanic 3D which is released in April for the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. It was wonderful, There was a string quartet playing, we got swag bags with t-shirts and other souvenirs, free popcorn and soda(Not for me thanx)... The movie was amazing as expected and it felt great to cry about someone else's life story... LOL. With the addition of 3D, it was like you were right there on the ship... WOW!

Now, here we are today, I still feel stressed and worn out... We were out shopping for used cars and when we got home I made dinner and it got more stuck then ever before... I made Beef with Broccoli in my Wok... It tasted good but I think Beef/steak is a problem for me now and I didn't even attempt any rice. After a few bites, I gave the rest to my husband and slowly gagged for about 2 hours afterwards... coughing and spitting... You know the routine. It was awful. Hours later, I had some Greek yogurt with fiber one cereal in it and it went down fine. I also drank a protein shake to get some extra protein... Well, tomorrow's another day... and BTW, we got a used car today so I am more mobile and able to start going to the gym more often or at least go... sometimes...LOL.

As for my fill, I have an appointment next Wednesday with the Bariatric Surgeon so I could get a small unfill if necessary... But it was probably just the Stress... Fingers Crossed.


  1. Oh you poor thing. My dad is quite like that but luckily never towards my mum which makes it easier to bite my tongue.
    I hope it releases itself for you.

  2. I'm sorry you are living in that situation. It must be very stressful seeing someone you care about take abuse. I think you are a very strong person to stand up to him for your MIL. I hope you can get to the gym and de-stress in whatever way that suits you and that you're feeling better soon. Hugs

  3. So sorry, Maria. That sounds like a nightmare.

  4. Sending you a big hug. That sounds like a terrible, and very stressful, situation.