Thursday, February 23, 2012

Linda asked me What I like about... ME!

What i like about you.... Wait! ME!...

  1. I have sexy bedroom eyes.... that sparkle when I laugh, which is often... Must be the Irish in me.
  2. I am very witty.... funny, and love to laugh and make people laugh.
  3. I am Smart, both street smart and book smart... I absorb like a sponge and love to learn new things...
  4. I have a great rack... even when I was almost thin I had big ones, and after losing almost 130 pounds, They haven't suffered much. Boobs are awesome!
  5. My smile lights up my face and most rooms.... I don't care that I have deep laugh lines, because I cherish each smile and laugh that created them.


  1. You made me smile! You have such a sparkly and fun attitude and it shows thru your blog!

  2. Great list Maria! Thanks for doing the challenge.