Thursday, February 2, 2012

I love Movies.... and I realize I don't share enough about it.

You all know I love to go to the movies and most of you probably have read about how I go to advance screenings and see most movies in advance.... Well, Here's my review of what I've seen lately...

  • The Woman in Black~ Typical spooky movie, great setting in the 1900's, i jumped out of my seats a few times, but not overly scary.... more on the creepy side. Daniel Radcliffe was very good in the role. It comes out this Friday and if you like that sort of thing it's worth seeing but it's pretty much been done before. Think Darkness Falls and a little bit of a Japanese horror edge to it like the Ring, or the Grudge.
  • Chronicle~ Thriller with a touch of horror, 3 teenage boys get powers of the mind (Telekinesis).... It was fun but not a must see. It has an amateur filming technique as used in Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project, which is a little over-used these days. The special effects were great though. I enjoyed the movie, but I am easy on those type films. I loved all the Final Destination movies. Chronicle is also released this Friday, 02/03/2012
  • This Means War~This fun Romantic Comedy is more than meets the eye. I actually saw it twice, I liked it so much last week that we took my MIL to see it again this week. And she loved it too. It has something for everyone, Action for the Men, Romance for the Girls, and Comedy for those who like to laugh.... and if you don't like to laugh, I don't want to know you... LOL. You are too serious! Loosen up. I loved Reese Whiterspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are wonderful as her competing Beaus, and Chelsey Handler is amazing as her BFF. You really have to check it out, but it doesn't come out Til Valentine's Day so you have to wait about 2 weeks, but it's worth the wait. I'm gonna give it 2 Boobs Up!
  • The Grey~A great Survival Dramatic Action Movie. I am a little Prejudice since I am a huge Liam Neeson Fan but it sure takes you on an emotional journey. The setting is Arctic Brutal Beauty... The Cast is great, especially Liam Neeson, and the ending keeps you guessing. It is a great film, but take some tissues, It is an emotional journey.... like I said. I saw this movie a month ago in a screening, and you could see it right now, If you're interested. It is not very uplifting though... but worth the trauma.
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close~A wonderful story about a child coming to terms with his Grief after losing his father in the World Trade Center on 9/11. It is much more uplifting that expected but bring tissues, I cried about a million times... (BTW: I love to cry at movies, I feel like it is a release and an escape... I even cried during the Nutty Professor when Dave Chapelle was cutting his up for his size/Fat...i guess It hit too close to home for me). The boy in the movie Thomas Horn was absolutely amazing. He was worth seeing the movie for... just him alone. It is a tearjerker, consider yourself warned. I saw this movie weeks ago as well, but it is out in theaters now, and nominated for several Academy Awards.

I feel like I am overwhelming you with all these movies for one blog post... In band news, Monday's fill feels pretty good to me, I am not sure I know the full results yet... but I'll let you know as time goes by how I feel... Keep your fingers crossed that I hit my sweet spot this time...


  1. Thanks for the review Maria...I want to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

    Good luck with your fill.

  2. fingers crossed! I loves ya :)

  3. No! Post more about movies. I may actually save a lot of money from seeing crap! Lol!

  4. Thanks for the reviews! Those are all on my "want to see" list!

  5. I loves me some Chelsea Handler, must see This Means War. Also, I've been on the fence about Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close... you've just made up my mind. :)