Monday, February 6, 2012

Robyn has started a new weekly tradition of Make a List Monday. It will be a list of 10 things related to the category she selects.

The category for Make A List Monday is: Places you would like to visit in the world again or for the first time. It can be a Country, State, City, Park, place of interest, amusement park, or whatever you are interested in visiting.

Here is my list:
  1. Egypt(A Nile Cruise and to see the Pyramids)
  2. Germany(Where my Father was from)
  3. Paris(And DisneyLand Paris)
  4. Italy(All over)
  5. Hawaii(I would love to see Maui and Oahu again, & The Kona side of the Big Island)
  6. Australia
  7. Japan
  8. China
  9. Greece
  10. Machu Picchu
I would love to go anywhere at this moment!


  1. I see a ton of ladies have put Greece. Guess we need to have BOOBs 4.0 there. ;)

  2. Nice, you have some different ones on your list.