Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friend Hoarder?... Get rid of the dead weight, all of it!

I am a Friend Hoarder... I keep friends long after their expiration date. Reasons Why in Bullet Form....

  • I am a non-working adult... It is difficult to meet new people when you aren't in someone's face each day in a work or school situation.
  • I feel sorry for people, when people are needy, lonely, pathetic or sad... I want to be there for them, even if they are Toxic to me.
  • I am an honest person... I don't lie, and don't assume people are lying or hiding things from me, but they do... all the time. They take advantage of your compassion and faith.
  • I am the Funny Fat Girl... no one can be funny without an audience, right? If you laugh at everything I say, than I am less likely to notice the knife in my back.
  • I am open-minded... but sometimes I think I need to draw the line somewhere.
  • I like being around people, I find them fascinating.
  • You live too far away, the best choices of friends are spread all over the country and not in the city of Brotherly Love.
  • I am a Social Butterfly, I like to eat with others, shop with others, even workout with others.... I am not a loner.
  • Who doesn't want to share their secrets with someone more shockable than your therapist?
  • I like to Scrapbook... which is a very social hobby, it's not all work and creativity... it's mostly chatting, gabbing, and laughing.
  • Support and Goodwill doesn't grow on trees... You need to search it out and cherish it. Blog, text, call, stop by, skype... Do what you need to to get it and keep it, and do what you need to to deserve it.
  • I will tell you the full story behind this blog... once I get my head all around it. I cherish you and look forward to more of you popping up around me. I need more local BOOBS... I love Beth and Barb, but they have their Beaus and their high powered careers... but I will see more of them... this year.


  1. I miss you! Hope you are okay. Love ya :)

  2. I too wish I had more Boobs near me :p

  3. A very thoughtful post! Get rid of the toxic ones, to be sure. But that old Girl Scout song is true ... Make new friends and keep the old... one is silver and the other is gold! :)

  4. I'm a friend hoarder as well, I never know when the expiration date is up. How does one improve on this area? I never want to lose my optimism about people...

  5. I am finding it hard to boost my friendships! Being back in sydney is lonely!!!!! And I have realized how I let certain friendships slip last year as I haven't kept in contact's something I am working on....