Friday, June 3, 2011

Mean Girls.... and Me.

Well, Life can be overly dramatic... and since I'm not in High School anymore so I am so not into the drama these days. I sometimes wish the unfriending process was as easy in real life as it is on facebook. Edit Friends.... Delete. Well, not so much. I lost a friend this week... A girl I have known for over 25 years... Actually, her brother was my best friend for 25 years, he was the best man in our wedding 16 years ago, and lived with me and George before we moved to Florida.

I was not close to his sister, although I met her at the same time that I met him. For months now he's struggled with what I think is a drug problem. So she and I started talking more on the phone, facebook, and texting back and forth, sort of bonding over our worry for him until I turned from worried to annoyed to angry. Since she is his Sister... she has no choice but to eventually forgive him when he comes around, if he ever does.

I, on the other hand, wanted to try out a new peaceful, less-dramatic existence... I am enjoying a simplier life with my George, and pretty thrilled with my new less stressful situation. I am willing to work through things when there's something to work through but for now... It's a back burner issue. I need to concentrate on things that can be worked through with people who are actively trying to enhance their lives and not drag me into a tornado of trouble.

We all know the drama that makes up our High school experience... not as much fun as I remembered. And as you all know, I went to high school with Tina Fey, so Mean Girls was written based on our high school's drama...And here I am getting called names by text and facebook, at 41 by a real life Mean Girl, a cyber bully if you will.

Back to this girl, my BFF's sister... I was never a fan, she's very self-absorbed and conversations are more like a therapy sesson than a chatfest. I mean she talks about herself and her issues... and it is not a back and forth thing. I sorta would like to talk about me a little bit... although her drama is more interesting than my vanilla happy marriage, and adoration of my nephews. I was concerned when a catch up chat every couple months turned into every week and then every day... and last weekend while I was enjoying a family BBQ/Pool party, she called like 5 times... while I was in the pool with my nephews. What? Are you serious, Maria? Why... I sure am, overly concerned follower...

Then I went back to my brother's house to stay the night so we could spend more time with my nephews and enjoy another BBQ.... and she called a couple more times, late at night with my nephews sleeping. I had texted her a couple times to say that I was with family and would call her back as soon as I could... I asked her was anything wrong? Is it an emergency? No... Are you frickin' kiddin' me?

I am all about the Texting... I text like a high school kid in study hall. It's all about the multi-tasking. I like watching TV while texting, Reading and texting, making dinner and texting, texting while on the computer... even TWP(Texting while peeing). I don't text and drive so that's the only time I will call instead. Anyway, I wasn't pleased with the 10 calls in a day and a half, at all.

Long story short...(Too Late) We are no longer friends. One of my opinions(Blaming Drugs for everything you do and say is no excuse)... Believe me, It explains alot, but excuses nothing. I am honest to a fault and I have been trying the lie by omission thing, but people don't seem to like me refusing to answer questions and changing the subject.

The moral of the Story.... Don't ask a question if you don't want the answer! *Maria* Keeping it REAL since 1969.


  1. How did I not know you went to HS with Tina Fey? That makes me supremely jealous because I love her so much!

    Good for you avoiding the drama---this chick sounds like a handful!

  2. So sorry you are going through this. My mother is a recovering pain pill addict. It's hard. If you do decide to let them back into your life - be very assertive with them and let them know what is acceptable and what is not (such as calling a million times a day). I will keep your situation in my prayers along with your friend and his addiction.

  3. Ok and WOW!! I read this thinking one thing...."I don't freaking blame you for not wanting that drama in your life." You can't help everyone and especially people that either don't want the help or are not ready to receive said help. Both your old BFF and his sister have issues that far surpass what you can do for them. They both need counseling in various forms and/or prayer. The only part you can honestly do is pray for them and keep it moving. The blowing your phone up 10 times is excessive to say the least. I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the picture on how I feel about this. Do you and continue to be happy.

    OAN: Dang I must have missed the part where you went to school with Tina Fey!!! How cool is that!!!!

  4. Sounds like you had an 'emotional vampire' stalking you. Glad you put a proverbial 'stake' in her.
    Don't leave the house withought garlic for at least 2 weeks. Dr.'s orders.

  5. You go girl! I hate drama queens, and when people blow up my phone like that I just don't talk to them for a while until they cool down. Boo on her for treating you like a sounding board, also!

  6. I don't blame you for not wanting to end it but it's too bad that it couldn't be worked out and that it came to ending it. I don't know all the details but I'm all for working it out when able to. :-)

  7. Screw drama. We're too old for that crap. Good for you for avoiding it.

  8. No drama for the mama! Tell that chick to take a hike with all her baggage! Keep it real!

  9. we ARE too old for this crap! (hehehe I just turned 30) but dammit once we simplify life in our late teens early 20's it's over, no more need to deal with the unnecessary emotional vampires as Jen said :)