Monday, June 13, 2011

I wonder.... Random things.

I wonder....

  • If the lack on comments on my blog lately is Lack of interest, lack of working Blogger, lack of time, or maybe I should mind my own beeswax and stop trying to control your internet life...

  • If my body will ever be "Skinny" to my mind?

  • If chocolate is heaven sent or the devil's way to control me?

  • If my weight loss will rev up again or is slow and non-existant the new thing for me?

  • If life is like a box of chocolates?

  • If my metabolism will ever be fast? I would love the superpower of the Mother on Ordinary Family... She had a superspeedy Metabolism and had to shove food down her throat non-stop.

  • If I will ever not dream of shoving food down my throat without weight gain?

  • If I will ever be able to say like some of you... My brain is fixed, I don't want to eat when I'm not hungry.

  • If the Rain in Spain stays mainly on the Plain?

  • If not enough will ever be too much?

  • If my nephews could get any more adorable? The answer is NO.... They couldn't, but then they do...

  • If these gorgeous and thin women understand that when they call themselves FAT it's uber-annoying?

  • If I will ever find a gym that I love as much as my old one?

  • If anyone will ever invent a chocolate that enhances weight loss... except Ex-lax?

  • If we will ever see the end of this money drought?

  • If I will reach my goal by next fall, like I planned? At least my first goal? It seems more difficult now, since I have re-introduced a few carbs into my meal plan... I mean Fall of 2012, just so you know I'm not completely bonkers.

  • If I should find a new therapist, now that I am back in the land of cheesesteaks and soft pretzels? I would like to try one of those therapists that specializes in food addiction...

  • If I should get a cheesesteak or soft pretzel to celebrate finishing this list?


  1. I haven't been getting tons of comments lately, either. Sadface. I have the last few days, but I've been commenting on everything everyone is posting. (No life? Maybe.)
    I think if therapy helps with the food addiction, you should definitely seek a new therapist. :)
    Why DOES chocolate have to be so dang good? :/ I think it is the devil's candy.

  2. It sounds like you are at a crossroad since returning to your hometown. I think you could greatly benefit by finding a therapist now. I know that when I just go back to visit my family, I get a little off course, I could not imagine moving back and not expect to need more help.

    Have you thought about joining Weight Watchers? I'm thinking more for the accountability of having to weigh in every week and going to meetings for support.

    I'm sorry if I am overstepping my bounds here but you sound like you are reaching out for help. I am not going to tell you that a little chocolate is ok or introducing carbs back into your diet is ok. It is not ok and what you are experiencing is the consequences of it.

    You have lost 130 lbs and still have a way to go. You really have to go back to the beginning and start doing what you did to lose that 130 lbs.


  3. Well I am out here Maria!!! I did have alot of Blogger issues. I cant tell you how many comments I would write and they would just disappear!! You have to view this band thing as a journey.. and yes, step back from those pretzels and cheese steaks.. .they are evil!1

  4. I have been having problems commenting, but fingers crossed, this one will work!

    Aah...cheesesteaks. Love em. Can't eat them though- stucksville, and that is a deterrent. Yes, to the therapist, and no to the rain in Spain!

  5. I didn't comment for awhile because it kept erroring out. Seems to be working now though!

  6. Blogger's been troublesome lately.. Chocolate is always troublesome.. Cheesesteaks are downright amazing, and I agree with Annie, no on the rain in Spain! Skinny girls who complain about being "fat" need to be slapped - in my humble opinion!

    You are my hero for accomplishing all you have in your weight loss!

  7. I think you will get it all figured out, or maybe you already have it figured out you just aren't ready to put that plan to action yet. Sometimes when I'm doing really well at something I get a little scared- like is this really happening? Am I doing what I said I would? Wow, well I guess I better stop while everything is going right- cause if I keep at it something is bound to go wrong! Now, I don't know if you have these kinds of talks with yourself, but when I do I find that the root of the issue is just that I am scared of everything going right sometimes it probably wouldn't hurt for me to just enjoy it while it lasts- and who knows maybe things will just keep going my way as long as I need them to?
    I love ya- if there is anything I can do let me know xoxoxo

  8. I ponder the same things. Seriously, skinny people who say they are fat should be shot in the forhead with peices of pork chops and peanut butter.

  9. I'm here too, I suck at commenting :/ I've been thinking about seeing a therapist too, I have visits left from my pre-op referral....

  10. blogger has been totally f'ed up recently. All this morning for example, I couldn't comment to save my life. Anyway, know you're not alone in this battle as we all go through the same thing. Support groups like WLS groups and Weight watchers would help, I think and remember we are always here for You!

  11. I'm here too! Also not been receiving many comments, which I put down to Blogger issues, but it may just be that I'm a boring blogger :(