Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scale Calibration.... and other Excuses.

My scale is like a slot machine these days.... I am not sure that the move was the best thing for it... It may need calibration, or my Ass needs major calibration but I am thinking both need it. I am more active up here but seem to be too busy to get to the gym. I need to calibrate my mind back into weight loss mode, since it seems to be slipping from maintenance mode to gain mode.

Anyway, I won't stop attempting to eat soft pretzels... no matter how many times I get stuck. I can't eat them anymore.... I will stick to a small bite or pretzel nuggets. I have always loved Soft pretzels, and being a Philly Girl makes it hard to resist. I don't even like them that much anymore but the memories of how much I loved them... makes me still want them, even after several stuck incidents. Why isn't that enough to stop me from thinking this time will be different? I can get nuggets and eat a couple, or I can get a mini pretzel and eat most of it... but the regular ones are always hot and fresh.... so tempting. I can help but think that I will never beat this addiction, not completely.

I have enjoyed getting caught up with my family and several close friends, still unpacking and getting settled.... and procrastinating finding a gym, and deciding on new insurance. It is important that I get these things done.... but the days are flying by and I am still waiting for the urge to get my ducks in a row. I did enjoy the Support Group I went to at the University of Pennsylvania, but I need to find a new surgeon and that would be a great place to start.

One of the reasons that I fattened up in Florida is pretty simple... Lack of stairs. I climb several flights of stairs several times a day now and It has been wearing on my knees which has made me make a few bad decisions, like instead of climbing down 2 flights of stairs to get a healthy snack, just munch on some puffcorn or chocolate... I got to get control of these kinds of choices.


  1. Moving is such turmoil. Even though it was a GOOD move, back to your's still so stressful. If anyone can's YOU! :)

  2. You will soon get a grip on what you have to do ...we all tend to fall down....but what makes you stronger is getting up again and pushing yourself to get back into the routine - you have done so very well up to this point so I know you can do
    it :) !!!

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