Friday, April 29, 2011

Banded Bullets.... and other crapola.

Well, I was thinking about some things that have changed since I was banded... while I was at a my first Philly Support Group with an Renewed high school friend....

  • I feel less stressed about losing weight... I just take it as it comes and week it when it doesn't.

  • I eat more fish, I love it actually... but I wasn't crazy about fish pre-band.

  • I fart alot more, much more... I guess it's my "healthier" diet, but they usually don't smell much so I just accept it and hide in a corner now and then.

  • I crave things that I never really liked before... like French toast and mashed potatoes... Weird, right?

  • I think my food decisions through more... I count calories, carbs, and fat but my life doesn't revolve around it, I just like being informed.

  • I really enjoy working out at the gym... It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

  • I wear my war wounds with pride but a little annoyance... I have elephant knees, a floppy belly, bat wings, and sagging parts galore, It reminds me of alot of hard work and good choices... but it also reminds me that I still have far to go...

  • Fiber is important to me... really important.

  • I have a vase with a little pebble/rock for every pound I've lost... I have lots more rocks to go in... when it's time. It's really beautiful, I saw the idea on RUBY, and I decided that It was something I wanted to do as well.

  • I watch HEAVY, RUBY, and many other Weight Loss survivor stories... they inspire me.

  • Sometimes the mirror is more honest with me than other times.

  • I am working on a scrapbook about my weight loss journey... called 1 vs 300.

  • My weight can fluctuate up to 10 pounds in a day.

  • Since I have been back home to Philly, I have eaten cake, candy, carbs in abundance, I haven't started back at the gym... and I haven't gained a pound and maybe even lost a little... because of 2 flights of stairs to my little loft... and alot more walking.

  • I love reading your blogs and feel like I am part of your daily grind... and love having you in my daily grind.

  • I am so happy to be home... and I feel like singing!


  1. You forgot that you look fantastic!

  2. Fabulous post! You were in my Boobs inspired dream last night!!

  3. Isn't it great to get all your thoughts out :o)

    I love the vase with the stones idea!!

  4. I also love the pebble idea, I think I will find a way to apply it to my life.... something to look forward to in a future blog..... Love how positive and inspiring you are.

  5. I'm so tickled for you that you are home and happy. I love the pebbles in a vase idea...I think I'm going to copy your idea. Miss you bunches...can't wait to see you!!

  6. I'm glad the move was a good one for you and the pebble idea is a really good one. Maria, you have done so good and you will continue to be a'll be running up and down those stairs before you know it!