Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eating out... DiZneDiVa style!

Well, I eat out alot.... and since Carmen mentioned about eating out, I wanted to jump in... My favorites:

  • Texas Roadhouse-Steakhouse... I can eat steak without a problem, some bandsters can't, That said. I like fried food... Quote me, Fried is only one letter from friend. My hubby and I share the fried pickles. Pickles are no to low calories and with the oil and breading, the whole basket is like 174 calories, and none of us could eat the whole basket. They are yummy with a little ranch or bistro sauce... I only tip the pickle in to use as little sauce as possible. I feel like I've been bad so I always make good choices with my entree. I usually order off the kid's menu, I get the Lil Dino steak bites which is 4 ounces of steak, cooked medium rare. I can't eat steak cooked more than that which is ok with me since I like it like that. I get broccoli for my one side. I am trying to cut back on red-meat... so I will order the kids' chicken fingers too, and I ask for them grilled instead of breaded and fried with broccoli. They will make it grilled by request. It doesn't hurt to ask, so ask... if you want. I will eat a few peanuts but i try to limit that, since they're like chips to me.

  • Olive Garden- I used to love OG but post-band, not so much. I don't really eat pasta or bread anymore and the entrees that are high protein low carb are too expensive for me since I eat out alot, I do it on a budget. I order off the kids' menu alot... I get grilled chicken, it comes with broccoli and a little bit of pasta. i don't eat the breadsticks and I may have a little salad or soup... depends.

  • Red Lobster- I love Red Lobster alot Post-band... I am a huge Fish girl, I love all Whitefish but my favorites are flounder, tilapia, pollock, cod, mahi mahi... Well, at Red Lobster, I love the Wood-Fired Grilled Tilapia... It is lick your plate good! I get it with broccoli, and a side of Remoulade sauce. I love the cheddar bay biscuits so once in a while I will have a bite... but most times, I don't.

  • Buffets- I like Golden Corral and other places that are similar. Buffets are not easy but can be fun since variety is the spice of life. Bandsters get either a child's price or the senior's price... Ask, it will save a couple bucks since we can't eat much of the ALL YOU CAN EAT.... I look over the proteins to decide what I feel like. I usually will get a little broiled fish, some baked chicken, or turkey... I can have a little of each. I get broccoli, green beans, or califlower... or a little of each. i like to try new things, so I can decide what I like. I crave mashed potatoes since my surgery, so I will get a spoonful sometimes but not always. I can get a little salad if I feel like it, or soup. I can have a little dessert too, without eating a whole dessert. And they have several sugar free options to cut carbs. It surprises me sometimes, to not get dessert when it is freely available. but most of the time, I don't have room. Sweet tomatoes is a great buffet which is mainly salad, veggie based. I pay the child's price there and enjoy salads with meat like chicken or turkey. I pick the meaty spoonfuls, and soups with meat in them. Their soups are meaty, for sure. I love it there.

  • Fast food- Chick Fila is one of my favorites, luckily their "Fried" chicken is actually healthy. I order a 4 or 6 count nugget... which they have, even though they're not on the menu. Except the kids' menu. I don't get fries, if I get a kids' meal. I will get a salad instead of fries and a bottled water instead of soda. Pollo Tropical is a great choice. I get the kids' meal with grilled chicken strips, and I get salad as my side, it comes with yummy animal crackers... I try not to eat them but usually do...LOL KFC- Grilled Chicken, usually boneless, it is delicious.

Making good decisions allows you to eat anywhere, and making mostly good choices allows you to make a few bad ones... without the guilt and deprivation of diets.


  1. Dang roomie-to-be, now you've got me all hungry for restaurant food. LOL

  2. We eat out a lot too, and I always talk about ordering off the kids menu, but usually back out, as I'm afraid they will tell me I'm not aloud to. I need to grow a pair and whip out my card to see if that helps. Or maybe I will call ahead and ask. Anyway, thanks for the motivation there! And for the idea of specifically asking for a fried food to be grilled instead! Thanks!

  3. Hi! Just started following you. I saw your comment on my blog the other day and am glad you are a new buddy.

    I am with you on all of the above restaurants except the last one. The only thing I like there is their waffle fries. I go to TX Roadhouse quite a bit and Olive Garden has ALWAYS been my FAVORITE for years. Now you got me wanting to go home and fry some pickles for dinner (one of my fav appetizers)!