Thursday, May 19, 2011

Totally Random Thursday....well, Friday?

Well, I have been scatterbrained lately, so....

  • Why don't I like Blueberries? I like every other berry, in fact I love raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, alot... But not Blueberries. Not even in pie! It's just weird!

  • I think that EVERY GIRL needs a Gay.... They're good for your self-esteem, and nobody gives good drama like a Queen. I have always attracted them like an Ethel Merman Vs. Liza Minnelli singoff... but I can't imagine my life without getting my Gay on from time to time. BTW, I have my Gay Boyfriend back now that I'm back in Philly... and He says that I don't put the Fag in Hag, I put the Dream in Queen... Why does that make me smile?

  • I am sick today... and we are going to the Phillies game, which takes a trolley, and 2 subways. Hopefully, Public Transportation and sitting in the rain at a baseball game will cure me.

  • Yesterday was my youngest nephew Blake's 1st birthday... We are having his party this sunday. I am so excited to be here to celebrate with my family.

  • Sandy Lee from The Weight Loss Roller Coaster is Visiting Barbara From My Body, my Band, My Rant, and I am definitely horning in on their fun... I met Sandy in Chicago and look forward to spending more time with her. I love Barb, I am so glad to be close in distance to her now. We will get to have our cake and eat it too... There will be cake won't there?

  • The movie Soul Surfer was so inspiring... It makes me think, If that one armed shark victim can surf professionally, why can't I beat the Chocolatier? Although, If I only had one arm, I couldn't shovel it in quite as fast and may tire out before a sugar coma. BTW, AnnaSophia Robb may amazing as Bethany Hamiliton, Helen Hunt & Dennis Quaid were incredible as her parents, Carrie Underwood was great too... I heard alot of people thinking it's offensive that she credits alot of her overcoming adversity and success on her faith in Jesus... How is that offensive? It is a true story... If she credited her Mother or Father, it wouldn't be offensive, would it? No one should be offended by what helps someone else get through trials and tribulation. I find that offensive.

  • Ok, Now I've been on my soapbox, told you what I'm looking forward to, whined about my sickness, and lack of love for Blueberries... Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Birthday Baby Blake! You are the Sunshine of my life.... literally! I adore you! XOXO


  1. I don't like blueberries either (ick) but raspberries are my favorite fruit with strawberries coming in a close second. Have you ever had gooseberries? They're pretty nasty too.

  2. Love blueberries but can't get into blackberries, though the kids love them. I want to see that surfer movie. :-)

  3. i like bananas and apples and that is it. probably why I am so fat. Where are you. I live in Delaware, did you move to philly or just visting.?