Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lexapro a GoGo....

  • Well, The verdict is in.... Lexapro is helping alot with my Night Eating Syndrome and me binge eating. It has also helped clearing my mind and lets me make quality decisions more often. I am really thrilled. Good choices means Success.                                                     
  • Unfortunately, my right knee is really bad so I haven't been able to do my walking but I need to make an effort to get to the gym so I can swim.                                                                            
  •  I am awaiting Insurance approval for my Gastric Bypass... but I am not worried. I have waited this long... 
  • In a little over a week, We head down to Orlando for my George to work some hours at Disney. I look forward to seeing some friends and seeing the theme parks.... I am hoping my knee will get better since walking is necessary. I don't wanna end up back in a wheelchair. I also look forward to going to my old support group, I haven't been able to find one up here that I like as much. 
  • I have been seeing alot of movies as usual.... I really Loved Hotel Transylvania(Released September 28th), for all you folks that have kids or those who are kids at heart like me. It was a great story and great fun for people of all ages. Pitch Perfect(Released October 5th) is a great Girls night movie, It is also alot of fun. Here Comes the Boom(Released October 12th) is funny and really heartfelt, It is another great story where a teacher becomes a professional fighter to earn money to keep the music program at his school, These are issues we need to care about expressed in a sweet funny way. While we are talking about important issues, Won't Back Down(Released September 28th) is a amazing true story about 2 mothers(One who is a teacher) who fight to open their own school when they find that their children are falling through the cracks. Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhal are incredible. House at the End of the Street was very disappointing, I didn't enjoy it at all. I wouldn't recommend it at all. But it was a decent story and there were some good twists and turns. Wait for DVD... Trouble with the Curve was a nice story and I liked it since I love Baseball. But it wasn't great so I would wait for DVD. As you know, I see these movies for free so I see pretty much everything. But If I had to pay, I would wanna get my money's worth. So if you want to see something... Ask me and I will be honest.


  1. I was wondering how trouble with the curve would be. I am such a clint eastwood fan..I usually wait for DVD anyway cause I hate all the noise in a movie theater!

  2. So glad it is working for you! Thanks for the movie updates Ebert!

  3. I heart Lexapro! I did find it works better in combination with Wellbutrin, to balance out the weight gain and "sexual side effects." Keep that in mind. Good for you and best of luck with the GB approval.