Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bandless Bandit!.... A Life in Pause!

I am LapBand free and Binging like a Bandit.... I only started eating normal food less than a week ago. I was on liquid before that and didn't even notice that my band was gone... Well, It is GONE.... Big Time! 

  • I haven't had real bread in 2 1/2 years, and i didn't really miss it until my band was removed... I have eaten bread 3 times in the last week.... It is good! but I don't wanna fall into old habits.
  • I went to the Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Bowl and ate a bowl and a half of pasta.... I loved it, which is weird since I didn't really like Pasta after i was banded. I will stay away from Olive Garden for a long while.... 
  • I am trying to eat the same size servings but I find I am still hungry afterwards..... It's gonna be a long 2 months unbanded and fighting off the binge. I am keeping crap out of the house and trying to get by on smaller meals. I don't want to gain alot of weight between surgeries, because even though losing weight is amazing, relosing is not as fun.
  • I asked my surgeon to prescribe an appetite suppressant.... but he won't do that, so I am planning on asking my PCP this week. I know I should be able to have some control over myself but I need to be realistic, I am an addict and my less than thrilling restriction is now gone completely. I am fine during the day, but when the clock strikes 9pm or so.... I am ravenous... like Cinderella coach turning into a pumpkin, mine would turn into a Pumpkin Pie. A Good Friend suggested getting an appetite suppressant that I could take after dinner... and it sounds like something I should try. I have never taken an appetite suppressant before and I don't really like to take drugs at all. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  • I feel better without my band though... No Acid Reflux, No stomach issues, no vomiting, etc.
  • On a happier note, We finished paying off our cruise in December with my winnings from the Casino the other day.... I figured, Why Not? Something to look forward to... and One less thing to worry about!
  • About the Casino trip, It was a day trip to a casino in our area.... I won a radio station prize which consisted of $100 free slot play, $100 horse racing vouchers, $200 Restaurant voucher, I got to name one of the horse races which i named Georgie's Girl's Classic after me, and I got to get my photo with the winning jockey... and I got a rhinestone Parx Casino tote bag full of other prizes. I used the free play and brought home $312... Which doesn't sound like alot but I am an addictive personality so I was extremely proud that I walked away and didn't lose my winnings. I walked away... I kept my winnings.


  1. I love that you paid off your cruise so early. Makes things less stressful around the house, right?

    I hope your PCP is able to prescribe you an appetite suppressant. It really is crazy how much our bands help us, without us even realizing. I think I'm eating alot now, but I can't even imagine how much I would be eating without mine. (Carb addict that I am... I'd probably eat a whole loaf a week.)

    I think even if you do gain a bit, you'll be just fine. Try not to stress over it too much... you're healing! And you'll get it off really quickly come surgery time. :)

  2. Maria, I know you are going to be just fine, though I can totally understand the anxiety around gaining. I've taken phentermine before (appetite suppressant), and didn't care for it. It worked, but I felt all hopped up the whole time. If it helps to get your through the short-term though, why not give it a go? Awesome job on the casino trip too!

  3. It sucks doesn't it. I ate really well the first couple of weeks after surgery (after my virus) and still put on weight! My doc said it's just normal after having a's from one end of the scale to the other....
    What a prize! and bringing home winnings too....

  4. yep you are going to have to watch the food. Really try to fill up on vegetables...stock pile up on them. I used them to fill me up in my many unfilled days...also throw on the exercise that should also counterattack the calories

  5. So glad that you are doing well! It's going to be a tough two months, but you can do it. Hang in there and try not to binge-eat. xoxo