Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bullets... and thoughts.

It's feeling like a Bullet kind of week.... GO FLYERS!!!!!!

  • My George(Husband) is searching for a job these days, and it hasn't been easy. But since our Philadelphia Flyers(Hockey) are in the playoffs right now, he has a Playoff Beard... Which I like to think is really a "I'm too lazy to shave beard"... It makes him look sloppy and older, and a little homeless, to which I say... If you don't want to end up homeless, you need to quit worrying about jinxing the team and start worrying about jinxing the interview process. The jynx thing... It's a real thing here, we are so superstitious about our teams that we've been known to do some pretty strange things... But Philly is a town full of Jinxes.

  •  My eating has been pretty good, but the exercise is still not becoming a lifestyle. I will never be a Gym Rat. I hate working out. It's the pain that drives me away but I have been trying to take longer and longer walks and I am going to start going back to the gym to do water stuff(Better for my knees, back, etc)

  •  I have an appt with my nutritionist and weight management team at UoP. I am starting my required tests too, this thursday is a chest xray and abdominal ultrasound. This Sunday night is my first sleep study, so I am on my way. It seems alot less stressful this time than it was the first time around... But we'll see. 

  • A friend of mine had Gastric Bypass about 5 years ago and she's gained back 100 pounds, so she is working with Weight Watchers to take it back off... So I am thinking I will give myself a 10 pound window once I am near or at goal. It is what I have now and I haven't really re-gained weight back yet, even though my eating choices have been not so good at times. If I kept closer eyes on my weight 3 years ago, I would have never gotten that big, it was like I gave up on Losing, so I ended up gaining... Alot.

  • The Sugar is still an issue... It is weird like I am Jonesing for some chocolate or candy, or ice cream and It gets so back that I want to drive to the WaWa in the middle of the night to get my fix. I don't do it, but It disturbs me that I get like that without eating alot of carbs and sugar. I remembered the cravings being less when I did the Atkins Style diets in the past. I am thinking it is the change in drinks, I always drink water with 4C Totally Light Iced Tea in it... but they were out of them so I got a few others which are also sugar free Splenda ones like Crystal Light and Diet Snapple but they have 5-10 calories in them and my usual ones have zero. It is the only real change. I know that my doctor wouldn't let me drink anything but water when I was fasting for my blood tests... Since the Splenda could mess your blood sugar up. So that's my theory, if there was any sweets in the house, I would believe I was sleep eating but there's nothing around.

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