Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog Name Change...Why Not?

Twelve Thing Thursday(a bonus for those of us who indulge and can't use moderation even with lists like myself).... 

  1. I changed the name to my blog, I have been thinking about it for a while and this one fits me better so I did it. I do love me some Cupcakes...
  2. Every find a purse you used last for a funeral and discover you stole a bunch of Equal and some crackers... No,... Me Either. 
  3. I am obsessed with Cafe World on Facebook and it seems even virtual food gives me cravings.
  4. Is it just me or Ruby right.... Tan Fat looks better than lily white fat?
  5. I Think whoever invented Chocolate was a Sadomasochist... I mean, why doesn't something that tastes so good to your mouth have to be so awful for the rest of your body?
  6. I am so excited because within the next couple weeks, my two baby nieces will be born... i am excited to meet them and introduce them to youse . I am introducing you to my culture... just as y'all is the plural of you in the South, Youse is the plural of you in these parts(Philly/Tri-State area)... LOL
  7. I am loving the Smart Ones by Weight Watchers, I am not a huge frozen TV dinner person but it is fast and easy. They are a good amount of protein and high fiber. I like the little pizza thingys, they are like Pizza Bagels but more airy less dense bread. There are 2 servings in a box, 4 little pizza bites in each servings. I like the Chicken Rancheros too. Yum! Anyway, great in a jam. That's one of the great things about having WLS, these Lean Cuisine and other "Diet" frozen meals which seemed small before my WLS, now are more than enough, sometimes even too much.
  8. I haven't been eating as much lately, I really need to put more effort into getting my calorie, fiber, and protein goals in... I am slacking off, and not eating every 3-4 hours like I am supposed to. I am going through that stage again where if you can't eat the junk you want, you would rather not eat at all... You will all experience that at one time or another, so be prepared and get yourself some protein shakes to keep your protein/calorie/fiber goals.
  9. I have made a scrapbook for my niece and planned on making one for my Sister-in-law too, but again... I have been slacking off. I need to give myself a deadline, She is due May 9th... 
  10. The weather here has been crazy... It was 89 one day and 40 the next. It is hard to get used to the drastic changes. 
  11. I found a new doctor... If you have been reading my blog for a while you would know I very wasn't thrilled with my previous doctor, so I got a new doctor and she's amazing! Pro-active and very aggressive with my health... She is very thorough too. My blood tests which I am having will tell me what vitamins my system is low in, etc. She is completely on-board with my revision surgery and raves about my new surgeon, Dr Williams.
  12. Well, We are coming up on the release date of the first Big Summer Blockbuster "Marvel's The Avengers"... and... Ladies, as you know... I am a Geekette by default, since I married a Geek. He is a SciFi Geek but gets totally into the comic book stuff too. Well, The Movie is amazing. Action Packed, Vibrant and Colorful... And Man Candy like crazy. You will enjoy it! So, Geek it up! PS... It doesn't hurt that all comic book heroines are gorgeous, powerful, fiesty redheads... like me... LOL


  1. I thought your blog was gone at first... :) Glad I found it!

    Yay for new doctors and number 4 literally made me laugh out loud. But it's absolutely true. Yay for new doctors and sticking to your plan! I know you'll do great with a new support system. And I'm definitely happy for our new friendship! xoxo

  2. I so understand the not hungry until you can eat what you want rut...I felt that when i was on a diet once...haven't gotten there yet with my band but I am going ot try to not let that happen or just be aware when it does!

  3. I miss you, love you tons! Life is overwhelming me right now, sorry I've been out of touch. I think of you all the time :)