Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday.... Again!

Well, Let's do this thing....

  1. I am too Tight... I am getting a slight unfill and it is the first time in my 2 years post-band that I have to do that. It was my smallest fill.. only 1cc, 1 month ago but it is obviously too much when added to my 7cc pre-existing. I am doing well otherwise, I am trying to raise my calories which is what my nutritionist keeps jamming down my throat. I know that eating 1200-1400 calories is not working and she wants me eating 1500-2000, That seems like alot to me. Anyway, I am working on it.
  2. I am loving a couple new TV shows... I only wish there were more hours in the day. I like Missing with Ashley Judd, Smash, and I am CRAZY about GCB... (Some of you BOOBS are from Texas, are those characters true to life, Awesome!)
  3. I love to read, but it comes in Phases for me... I read books one after the other for weeks even months, and then I don't feel like it... for weeks even months. I am reading Kristin Chenoweth's(Love her, hence watching GCB and falling in love) Autobiography "A Little Bit Wicked"... right now, It is good but It is taking me forever to read it, since I am in one of my reading funks. BTW, I use the library... it is an incredible resource, use it!
  4. I am going through tests and jumping through hoops to get to my revision surgery... The Band has taken me as far as it can and I am getting the help to get the rest of the way to good health... So Sleep Studies, Chest Xrays, blood tests, Psych tests, ultrasounds, etc... and It feels different this time. I want the info, and whatever happens I am better for it. I am thrilled with my band and it is a godsend for maintenance... which is wonderful. I only wish that I had the bypass first and the band 2nd... but then I may not have met you amazing BOOBS... So highsight's 20/20 and all.
  5. I am not one of those... "It was ok, but the book's better" people. I love movies. I prefer the visual arts, even though my imagination is fantastic. If I love a book, I almost always enjoy the movie... Movies are an Escape! They can make you Laugh, Cry, and most of all Think. There you can find Romance, Drama, Horror, Comedy... and even History. In fact if it wasn't for movies, I am pretty sure most of us Americans wouldn't even know how our country was started.
  6. Well, How about some critiques.... I loved "A Thousand Words", which is incredible since Eddie Murphy's movies are hit and miss and the critics hated it, but it was a heartfelt story with moments of laughter and pure joy. "21 Jump Street" was funny, and some older folks said it was Vulgar but it is a story about teenagers... what did they expect? It was fun and I am from Philly, cursing is an artform to me. I liked "Wrath of the Titans", It was great special effects and a good continuing story... (My Husband is a SciFi Geek so I see all the Special Effect Epics.) "John Carter" was also amazing special effects and a sweet love story. I saw "The Lucky One" last night, and Nicholas Sparks has done it again... I cried but I was taken away by the love story. I loved "American Reunion" so much, that I am going to another screening to see it again Monday... It was PYP(Pee Your Pants) Funny. I never stopped laughing and loved seeing all the American Pie Characters again.
  7. I miss my BOOBS... It's been a busy 6 months since BOOBS 2.0 but It is nice having friends who understand, how I could have "Let myself go" and how it feels to struggle to beat food addiction and lose weight. I miss my Roomie Jenny most of all, She's my BBFF and the Farmer to my Bell, and since she lost her band (she had band erosion and it had to be removed) she has posted less often and struggled alone. Give her support everyone, She is an amazing friend... I am very blessed.
  8. Goodwill is amazing... I am a used clothing girl these days, since money is limited and my size has changed alot. I love my Sisterhood of the traveling pants stuff and Goodwill fills in the rest... Yay!
  9. I am craving weird things still... The last few days I wanted Pasta, and I don't handle it well so I don't usually eat it, but my body cravings don't care. I still crave Mashed Potatoes but it is less annoying these days. I started craving cereal a few days ago, so I got a box of the Fiber One Carmel Delight... a bit of a treat totally Yum, and I haven't eaten any yet... The option of it, seems to cure the craving. I crave sugar still, but I am working on it daily. I wish I would crave exercise, but alas... NO WAY!
  10. It was my Oldest Nephew's 4th birthday yesterday and they had a party last weekend to celebrate... I was there to help decorate, and watched him play with his friends and open his gifts... I helped put together his lego firetruck... These sound like basic things to most of you, right? But what a thrill for me... Being there and not 1000 miles from there. I have enjoyed my first year of birthdays, pool parties, BBQs, Carving turkeys & Pumpkins, baking cookies, Seeing Santa, Sesame Place, Christmas Caroling, etc... Next weekend, I plan on coloring Easter eggs... This is the Good Life!

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  1. Maria let me know when and where you are having your revision surgery.
    And I am going to go through my closet soon and will let you know what I have to pass on you can certainly stop by when you are in the neighborhood. Good luck to you sweetie.