Monday, March 19, 2012

A Pinata full of Condoms and other thoughts.

Well, I am back. I was in Orlando for a few weeks and staying at a friend's house where WiFi hasn't been discovered yet. I was literally... "Off the Grid", or as Off the Grid as you can be with a Smartphone. I don't use my smartphone well. Even though I have had one for years, and I do check my email, GPS, Text like a teenager, text tweet, and basic facebook with it. I don't do much web surfing and I never write my blog on there... Even though, I downloaded all the Blog writing Apps.

  • Orlando is awesome and all, and I love my friends down there... But It is hot as the surface of the sun and my crappy car's AC needs serious help. Spending time with my Florida Peeps reminded me of my first few visits back home when we moved down there. I remember how people were so excited at first to see me and as time passed each visit was met with less and less enthusiasm... People were busy and absence didn't make the heart grow fonder, it made it forgetful. My whole life in Florida was like that.... I had friends who got too close, too fast and then dropped off the face of the earth. I don't miss that kind of life. There are some good friends who made every attempt to see me on my visit, it was awesome... but how long will that last. There are many less friends since my serious friend making days were spent here in Philly... you know high school, college, single-hood. My George is my best friend, but it was easier to meet folks before we became inseparable about 20 years ago. Now, He is part of my deal....
  • I ate like shit down in O-Town, well.... like shit compared to my usual. I am going to the doctor's Monday and I will find out what the damage is and I will try to lessen it slightly this week.
  • My niece's Baby Shower was yesterday, which is why we rushed back from Florida, and it went well. She got alot of gifts and she had a great time. I was way tired, due to the 1000 miles I drove the day before but I was up hanging streamers and stuffing torn wrapping paper into a trash bag while writing gifts next to gift givers for the thank you notes that my niece will need to be reminded 100 times to write out, hopefully she'll get them out before the child enters high school. My idea for the Pinata full of condoms got laughs but no real thought. I am relaxing today... thank goodness.