Monday, March 26, 2012

My 2 Year Bandiversary... Forgotten?

Yes, I did forget... March 23rd was my 2 year bandiversary. I spent it with my nephews... running after them, taking long walks, pushing them on the swings, chasing their baseballs, and playing airplane flying them around the room. So... Did I celebrate it? Hell, Yeah! 2 years ago... I couldn't do any of that. Let's take a walk down memory lane... now that I can, Walk.

  • 24 months ago, I had to watch my sugar because I was Diabetic... Now, I watch my sugar to be healthier. I am no longer Diabetic.
  • 734 days ago, I couldn't walk more than 10 feet without tears of pain building in my eyes... Now, I no longer need a wheelchair, I take the stairs with almost ease, I climbed a waterfall in Jamaica... This is the Area where I want to make much more advances... Who knows what the next 2 years will bring.
  • 17,616 hours ago, I had to buy clothes online... or from a catalog. Now, I can walk into any plus size store and easily fit into anything... Who knows where I'll be shopping next year? But I will be trying the clothes on and feeling/seeing the fabric before I purchase...
  • 104 weeks ago, I hid behind the camera, or behind my George in most photos. Now, I search the camera out, photograph my life and love, and my progress. I like what I see in the mirror most days, and I am far from my final goal.
  • 1,056,960 minutes ago, I feared the doctor... my blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high, I was too heavy to be weighed on the scale, they struggled to find a vein for blood tests. Now, I look forward to getting my health back on track and knowledge is power... I go often and take the info with a grain of salt... I weigh high some days and look like I have gained weight and I don't let it upset me, I just check again later or the next morning.
  • 63,417,600 seconds ago, I was a shell of my best self... my outgoing, outspoken personality was lessened by my moods, my fatigue, my self-esteem... Now, I feel good about myself, I see my inner and outer beauty again, I smile more, and I feel sexy again. Who knows what sexpot has yet to emerge in the next 2 years?

At my heaviest, I was at least 475 pounds, I felt tired all the time, I never wanted to get out of bed, I stayed away from social settings, I didn't care how I looked... I stopped wearing makeup, and wore mostly sweats. Now, I take pride in myself and in my food choices... I am not a gym rat but I know my way around the gym, I am stronger in every way. I have hundreds of bloggers supporting my journey... I am no longer a recluse, I am a social butterfly again!


  1. Two years ago, I didn't know you -- and now I do! It's been a great two years! I LOVED this post!!! You have come so, so far already, and I am excited to see what other nice things the future holds for you. xoxoxo

  2. Great post.....Congratulations Maria!


  3. Awesome! This made me smile....

  4. Fantastic post!! I love this!!!!