Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recuperation... My Kind of Town?

I love Chicago, I have been t0 alot of cities...but Chicago is gorgeous. The Skyline is untouchable, it's absolutely stunning. Of course, that Cow starting the great fire was a tragedy but WOW! The Rebuilding, amazing! and now for the bullet points...

  • I am worn out, tired, and sick... It seems 4 days of less than: Sleep, nutrition, and relaxation? may not be my friend. I did walk a ton though.
  • I spent time with my wonderful old friends, and met some incredible new ones.
  • Barb's boobs were pimped out for rewards of Chocolate; as well as: attention, gawks, drool, free drinks, and a Drag Queen's Piggy Bank.
  • There was a whole lotta tattooing going on in Wicker Park, I supervised while eating Chocolate Custard with a Peanut butter swirl.
  • I just ate a delicious crab cake from the Seafood place down the street from where I live.
  • I got some amazing clothes from the sisterhood, in fact our hotel room looked like an episode of hoarders, it was crazy how generous and thoughtful you all are.
  • Most of us spent some of the weekend between Marilyn Monroe's legs...and the rest thinking about Motorboating Barb's Boobs.
  • I feel renewed about my diet and exercise, even though I just ate a crab cake...
  • I couldn't believe how skinny everyone was... you are all such a success story.
  • Is is just me or is "Athletic" a nicer way of saying... No Fatties?
  • I am an abrasive bitch sometimes, but I don't care for talking shit behind someone's back. I like to be up front with people, and it's USUALLY not a blessing... more of a curse. Meeting people from all over the country, and even the world... shows me a different way to be. I think I can learn from it, sort of combine a little cutsy pleasantries with my what you see is what you get thing? Maybe, I'll think on it.
  • I think we should end this on a high note, like Barb's Boobs... They are high and noteable!


  1. I got some very cute stuff from the clothing exchange too! I'm especially happy with the dress I wore to the fancy dinner and two bras!! Hooray! Thanks a million for not kicking us out of your room when we were trying stuff on. You totally could have done that. :)

    Did you get the coat you needed?

  2. Thanks for letting us turn your room into a store!!! I like how about 30 seconds after I got in there, I was flashing my panties at everyone haha.

  3. yay for our fun weekend! so glad we got to spend the time together :) luvs ya.

  4. That is the question - did you get your coat?? Philly gets awfully chilly (uhm... damn cold!) in February!!

    I am thrilled you had a good time!! Welcome home!

  5. Thank you for allowing us to crash in your room when Maria clogged the toilet!

    And most of all for allowing it to be our store! You guys Rock!

  6. I got a killer dress from the sister hood! Yay