Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet Sixteen-Always Been Kissed!

We Love Each Other.... LOL
George and I on our Wedding Day October 14, 1995...
Awwww, I miss my SodaPop... Just being goofy!
Christmas Time 1992
Christmas Time at DisneyWorld 1995
Pecking through our wedding Cake... October 14, 1995
Just dating 1991...
At a friend's wedding 1992

On our Honeymoon October 1995

At the Movies... Our favorite place. Around 2004
DisneyLand Christmastime 2005/ Disneyland's 50th Anniversary... and yes we are wearing matching Dork Shirts.
Climbing Dunn's River Falls-Jamaica February 2011
On our Royal Caribbean Cruise...February 2011
At Chichen Itza, Mexico-November 2010... (Below)At a Phillies Game, August 2011
Petting a Dolphin in Cozumel... October 2010

  • George and I met at a Mall at Christmastime in 1991.
  • We love to travel and see the world.
  • We love to go to the movies at least once a week.
  • We love kids, but are Blissfully Child-Free just like Lynda...Lol.
  • We love our Niece and Nephews, and moved back home to Philly to be near them.
  • We love Disney... alot.
  • He has been very supportive of my weight loss journey but can be a bit of an enabler...
  • He has such beautiful eyes that I can't wait to spend the rest of my life staring into them.
  • I am the messy creative type... and he is the organized thoughtful type.
  • He cooks, clean, does laundry... and I never have to ask him to do anything, he just does it.
  • I adore his Mom, she is like my second mother.
  • I dislike his sister, she's like the anti-christ without the charisma.
  • He love my family, but he's not my Mom's biggest fan.
  • I am n0t my mom's biggest fan either.
  • I am George's Biggest Fan though...
  • I am my Beloved, and my Beloved is mine.


  1. I love how much you and George gush over one another. It's so visible is=n all your great pictures. Hey, remind me when you're coming to So Cal! I couldn't post for the longest time, so I never replied to your original note about your Disneyland trip. I'm pretty near by.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Sweet Lady!! I love how you and the Hubs are hopelessly in love - I can see it in your pictures!!

    Great photos, GREAT post!!

  3. You two are so darn cute! That is some serious cake you had on your wedding day sister!

    By the way, I finally followed your lead and started a blog. You are my inspiration! Hopefully I keep it up, we'll see. Well below is the link.

  4. Happy anniversary to you and George! I love the photos and am totally inspired by the great love you guys have for one another!

  5. What a fun post. Looks like you and your husband like to travel as much as my hubby and I do. The pics are amazing. It's great you found your soul mate.