Sunday, October 16, 2011

*****My Friend Beth... The Blogging Bandster.******

Hello Followers and Leaders,
We are both of those, aren't we? We follow and lead each other through this incredibly difficult and rewarding journey of ours. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that a friend of mine from High School was being banded, since I moved back home 6 months ago, we've been going to the support groups together enjoying a renewed and much deeper friendship than we ever did in HS. Her name is Beth and she had her lapband installed a little over a week ago. She has been doing well so far and is excited about her fitter future(Is fitter a word? It should be.)

So, Now comes your part in this saga... She is a new blogger and a new bandster. Lets support her by clicking this link and checking out her blog. I know how much your support has meant to me, Like Kevin Spacey says.... Pay it Forward. Beth is funny, or at least she laughs at all my witty banter which means she has the best sense of humor... She is a huge Eagles fan, even though they are in last place... Not a Frontrunner. She is hard-working, which is a great match for my Hardly working. She is a great addition to the sisterhood, since she's already offered me everything from Protein shakes to Iced Tea sticks... Who doesn't love a giver? She also puts up with my sarcastic, overly honest, pushy, overbearing, personality... which is an acquired taste, as many of you are aware. She isn't embarrassed being seen with me even though I talk like a truck driver with Tourettes, flirt shamelessly, and overshare always. I love Beth! and you will too. Check out Beth's BellyBusting Blog... at You won't regret it! Tell her the Biggest Bitch in the blogosphere sent you... she'll know who you mean... LOL


  1. Sorry, but I had to say Maria sent me. I thought I had taken the Biggest Bitch name. Glad you have some support.

  2. Done and Done! I even said Bitch. lol

  3. Done and done too!! I am anxious to follow Beth's journey! Although, like Sandy, I couldn't do it - you're too much of a Sweetie!!

  4. jealous of the sun time...and Disney!!! Try to enjoy yourself. Over to Beth's...