Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm so excited, And I just can't hide it....

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it....
  • I am finalizing my suitcase which is seriously overpacked... as usual.
  • I have brought enough clothes for a week, and I am staying 4 nights in Chicago.
  • I am afraid of being cold... so I have layers and layers...
  • I am relieved that the regular baseball season is officially over and my team broke their record of wins in a season... and is headed into the playoffs in first place. GO PHILLIES!
  • I am going to give and get about 100 hugs tomorrow, that's 2 per BOOB... so keep them coming.
  • I will save another 100 hugs for the Friday arrivals and the celebration of the Friday arrivals.
  • I am thinking of engaging in some shopping for exercise this weekend....
  • I will be eating something decadent... or maybe 3 things... LOL
  • I love my Roomies...Jen, Amey, and Julie.... and my adopted roomie Jessica who is taking me in when I am abandoned and alone.
  • I plan on looking up Marilyn's skirt... and probably some others. Ponder that!
  • I will miss my George, he's the Ying to my Yang.


  1. Mmm, decadent food is definitely on my list of things to eat, too. LOL

    See you soon!

  2. Have a wonderful time!! And since I (sadly) will not be there, ((((hugggsssss)))) to YOU!

  3. Hi! Newest Follwer here!

    Im newly banded and so many of you are talking about this really cool trip! Not sure what it is but Im excited to read more about it!

    I also look forward to read more about your experiences! Have a great trip!