Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Facts of Life.... DiZneDiva Style!

  • Fact 1~ Chocolate is the nectar of the's the nectar of the Gods, the food of the Gods and The Spawn of the Devil....
  • Fact 2~ My Husband is a piece of meat, sexy Man Candy... and I find him Irresistible, and can't keep my hands off him...still after 2 decades.
  • Fact 3~ Fall is colder than I remember...
  • Fact 4~ I am over the moon excited that in a few short days... I'll be in Chicago with my Hanging Boobs, hanging with my beautiful BOOBS...
  • Fact 5~I'm thrilled that the Phillies finally dumped their slump... and pray they sweep the Braves so they can beat their record of 101 wins.... Fingers Crossed.
  • Fact 6~Have I mentioned that Chocolate makes everything better and worse at the same time?
  • Fact 7~I love pretzels of all kinds but Soft Pretzels are delicious... even when they clog my band like a unruly hairball and cause me to lie to myself that I will never eat even a bite again....
  • Fact 8~All of you who expect a fashion plate skinny bitch when I arrive in Chi-Town haven't been paying attention.... (I apologize to all you Fashion Plate Skinny Bitches, you know who you are, for taking your name in vain...Actually, you modest model type don't know you are any of the above so I take my apology back, I may need it when I put my foot deep into my mouth later...)
  • Fact 9~All this weight loss has made me look more my age, I am starting to look 40ish so I think I need to make sure I'm doing all I can to get my beautiful skin back, eating low-fat hasn't been the most important thing to me but it seems to end up that way... which has made my skin dry and flaky, and I hate it. I am looking into new skin regiments and upping my dose of flax seed oil and fish oil. I hear that a tablespoon of olive oil can help too, but it sounded a little witchdoctory to me. Any suggestions?
  • Fact 10~I am putting together a wardrobe for the weekend and I can see that I am between sizes... It is frumpy at best BUT It will revolve it around my favorite color.... Glitter.
  • Fact 11~Is it just me, or do you notice our Bloggers dropping off the face of the blogosphere? I miss you guys... where are you?
  • Fact 12~I just thought about how awesome chocolate covered pretzels are.... Chocolate makes everything better, even something as close to perfect as a pretzel.
  • Fact 13~There are no words for how excited I am to see you... in a few days, Yes...I am talking to you... and if you're not able to go this year... I hope to meet you next year.
  • Fact 14~I will be in Orlando, Florida in November from the 1st through the 18 or so... It is a working vacation for my George since he works for Disney still seasonally, but I will be able to play so let me know if you're gonna be around... I would love to see you.
  • Fact 15~My nephews are so magical... they sometimes make me wonder why we didn't want to have kids of our own, and after a couple days "playing" with them in the active lifestyle of a mother's helper... I remember why. It's fulfilling, but exhausting. I love them so much, but I also love sleep, spontaneous sexcapades, traveling and cruising, and coming&Going as we please... Which does not make for a devoted mother. Too selfish a lifestyle, I guess! But it sure is fun!
  • Fact 16~We will be celebrating our SWEET SIXTEEN wedding anniversary in a few weeks, although we have been kissed. I am not sure what we are doing to celebrate since my George works that night, but I'm sure we'll find something romantic to do. Maybe some of those Spontaneous Sexcapades I spoke of earlier, although speaking of it now, sorta takes some of the Spontaneity out of it...
  • Fact 17~I will be in the Disneyland/LA area in December from the 1st through the 9th, if anyone lives around there and wants to get together email me and let me know... I would love to see/meet some of you west coasters. You can also meet my George... off the blog post into reality.
  • Fact 18~ I really thought I would have more facts but I am mentality and physically drained.... but one last Fact, I am a Philly Girl... I am crude, using the F-word is like an artform to me, We use it as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and sometimes even a proposition. We made up new F-words, so we wouldn't bore of the main one... Even when we say FUDGE, it sounds street. I am proud of where I am from. See, I just ended the sentence with a proposition because I live outside the rules... LOL. I am honest and I don't like Fake people who pretend to be someone they're not. I am Sarcastic... I love to laugh and make others laugh, which means I am told that I don't take anything serious, but that's not it, I think humor can get you through your darkest moments. I am perfectly imperfect, and I am a work in progress... I try to learn something new everyday and I am bored by know-it-alls. I am a food addict, whose stress and depression, cause binges... even with a lapband. This is alot of facts, I guess, but I will be myself around you... I want you to know me.
  • Fact 19~The Fun begins in 4 days.... and we will never forget next weekend. I know that for sure, because I still remember Chicago... as seen through the eyes of a BOOB. My kind of Town, Chicago is... because of YOU.
  • Fact 20~ I am still not losing weight... after Chicago, I am throwing down big time... I have been eating well and staying active but not exercising. My Metabolism sucks! and the Doctor thinks I should have a revision surgery since the band probably wasn't the best choice for me... at my incredibly high original BMI and since I was more of a grazer than a big eater. I really need to get off this plateau, there will definitely be more time for plateaus in the 200's.
SEE YOU THURSDAY OR FRIDAY, as the case may be... BTW, I am a hugger...LOL


  1. You are too funny! Can't wait to see you. :)

  2. Not long now! Loved your facts. See you sooooon!

  3. Oh, now that's an idea! I'm going to check the EL out. I do think there might be a bus I could take. Oh, and maybe the hotel has a shuttle! You're blowing my mind here. I've got some research to do, don't I. :) Thanks!

  4. We definitely have two things in common (1) chocolate and (2) glitter (I'm a sparkle girl myself!) - Can't wait to meet you!

  5. I hear you on chocolate and pretzels...sinful! I can't wait to see you. You know what sucks? I'll be in Orlando, on Disney property, on November 19-20 with my husband, my uncle, and my uncle's fabulous boyfriend. I can't believe that is ONE day after you leave! What a bummer. Ah well...we'll have to make the best of this weekend...and then we can reminisce and say, "We'll always have Chicago."

  6. fact #21 Fall is colder because you are a lot skinnier! silly rabbit, hope you get a good coat soon.
    fact #22 You are super fantastical and I can't wait to squeeze the air out of you and slap your sexy bunz
    fact #23 we will leave Chicago and the locals will be like "what just happened?"
    Fact #24 this is fun, but more fun will be on Thursday when I run through the airport and leap into your arms like we are long lost lovers reunited! Can't wait :)