Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hibachi, Junk in the Trunk, Cupcakes, and Chopsticks!

We went out for dinner to celebrate my one year relationship with my band. They say that the first year of any relationship is the hardest so that would be wonderful since I've lost 118 pounds and I am 118% healthier. Going out to dinner to celebrate should seem a strange way to say cheers to my new way of looking at food but it was wonderful to get together with friends and I love me some Hibachi. Anyway, I got chicken only since I'm trying to eat less red meat and it was yummy. I don't eat the rice but I had a few noodles as you can see... I got me a child's chopstick setup for dramatic effect...LOL. I also ate broccoli, carrots, and a little salad. It was delish and of course I had leftovers. Here I am with my children's chopsticks... they are easier than the regular ones...
If you mock me with my kiddie chopsticks, I'm gonna poke you in the eye.... LOL

Yum, Veggies! and an Onion Volcano... Watch out!
My George got a cupcake since his birthday was earlier this month and we used his birthday coupon, but It's not batting it's eyes and me and tempting me.... I'm gonna punch it! Where's my chopstick numchuks?
Do you know me at all? I love cupcakes. but I only took one bite and let my George have the rest so I could resent him the rest of the night.
Here I am, 1 year old and 118 pounds lighter... I am almost 1/2 way through my journey.
I still got that junk in the trunk... and those thunder thighs but I am getting there. I can't help but notice that the loose skin is starting to make me look pregnant. On to year two!


  1. We had chinese takeout last night for dinner. We had chicken sitting out to cook, but TOM should be here today, that combined with all the tornado warnings and overall crappy weather, I just wanted comfort food. I didn't know about kids chopsticks! I was trying to teach my daughter to use her chopsticks. Next time I will ask for child ones! She's getting pretty good at it though.

    I really commend you for only taking a bite. I think I could more easily not have any than to have just a bite. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal (I'm working on changing this, and have made great strides). Anyway, you are doing fantastic.

    You do not look pregnant, but you do look smokin hot! and I hope you don't lose all the junk in the truck, girl needs some behind her!

    Here's to an amazing year number two!

  2. Congratulations :o) You are looking great and I love the chopsticks :p

  3. What a great year it has been! Congrats!

  4. You are amazing with your amazing loss in just one year! What an inspiration you are to us :)

  5. i lurve you! congrats on your year :)

  6. Yay!! Great job! You have the BEST facial expressions, you crack me up! :D

    I agree, you don't look pregnant at all.

  7. You've had such a successful year and I know it is going to continue. I love the pictures. You look so happy. As you should be.

  8. Happy anniversary! You have done such a wonderful job!

  9. You are looking sooooo good. And good for you to at least have a bite of the cupcake. It helps to have a little bit of something once in a while.

  10. You are so cute! :) I love reading your fun posts. So glad your bandiversary dinner was yummy.