Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chocolate Detox... Day 1

It was easy all day but I have cravings tonight, which is strange since I ate very little carbs today because I didn't want cravings....and I didn't eat chocolate every day before this. Well, I drank one of my protein shakes which is Rich Dark Chocolate flavor and it seems to have curbed my cravings with no sugar and very little carbs. Yay! I hope to get to the point when I don't miss it, but it is not likely. I have a friend who gave up chocolate like 9 years ago and still would like to have it, even now. We'll see what tomorrow brings, I probably should have chose a day that i don't go to the gym to start my detox, since working out makes me crave carbs. But hindsight is always 20/20...

I was thinking alot about rewards... Rewards were always food based before my surgery. Eating in my favorite restaurant, ice cream, and of course expensive chocolates. So since that wouldn't be a healthy way to go, these days. I haven't been able to reward myself for my weight loss so far... I thought about a pandora bracelet that I could add charm beads to for each of the milestones I hit, i thought about trips(Since I love to travel), designer purses, a new wardrobe... The verdict. I have everything I want, and if I don't have it... I get it. So the only way to reward myself is to first deprive myself... Which usually causes problems.

I should tell you I have an addictive personality, which means food is not my only obsession... Shopping, is a close second. Since I never fit in anything worth obsessing over... Clothes wasn't where it was at for me. But I have a ton of purses, hats, and shoes... waiting for the perfect outfit that never came in my size. I actually have bought alot of clothes over the years that I intended to shrink into... and now, I've shrunk out of them. Yay! for me!

Back to the problem at hand, without rewards and goals... I don't have anything to shoot for... a deadline if you will. But for me... It has to be big, and something to save for too. So, I hate my teeth. They're yellow from having fevers or something as a child...They're so friggin' small, they make my gums look huge like Molly Ringwald's, and they're weak so they're chipped. I want new crowns, bigger and whiter. I am not sure how much this will cost but I am going to find out once we move. I love to smile, and I have such a nice smile, so shouldn't I have nice teeth. I am going to research how much this would all cost and maybe spread it out to several rewards.

Well, I never really mention goals much, because my journey began because my weight had caused many health problems... all of which are cured. So I guess It's time for more goals, My 25 year High School reunion will be in the fall of 2012. So that it the date I will set to be at my goal weight. I don't want to set a date too soon since i have so much left to lose. So If I get there before then... great! And I may rethink my goals... along the way.


  1. It's great to have goals to work toward - good luck finding out about the teeth expense! I've been able to "time" my weight loss that I think I'll hit goal near my 31st birthday this year...end of August. I still find that insane!

  2. I'm starting my chocolate detox tomorrow. If I go 1 month without chocolate, I'm going to buy myself a purse. If I have one piece of chocolate, I must start over.

    I like the idea about your teeth! You have a wonderful smile. :)

  3. I'm on my 12th day with no chocolate. I have done really well, but nights at home are the hardest. Good luck!

  4. Gosh we sound so similar. lol... I have a hard time coming up with non food rewards as well because I either have it if I want it... or can't afford it (travel)

  5. I think a new smile is a great reward for all your hard work! Great idea!