Friday, June 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday! Alot to Swallow!

Well.... Let's get started with the 10 things...

  1. I really enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, I am just finishing reading Fifty Shades Darker... And can't wait to read Fifty Shades Freed. The books are hot though, so you may jump your husband, wife, partner, or a stranger in the subway or an elevator though, so be prepared. \
  2. I got a FitBit Ultra for my birthday thanx to some great Amazon Gift Cards and an awesome sale... and I love it so far! I can see where I need to improve, and that I am doing better than I thought I was... I have to give a shoutout to my Bandster Friend Beth who's FitBit advice and a very generous birthday gift card made my purchase possible! 
  3. While I am mentioning Beth... She is headed for Chicago this year for her first BOOBs experience, and as most of you know I am not Going... (My surgery is probably going to fall around that time and money is tight these days) I was hoping you all would take her under your batwings and show her a good time, She is in her first year after surgery and has been doing very well... and she is sarcastic and funny just like me, so you get all the funny without my bitchiness... It's a Win Win, if you ask me! Check out her blog if you haven't already, and find her in Chi-Town!
  4. I mentioned my birthday earlier... I love Cake, especially sweet sugary birthday cake. And I didn't get any this year... because I didn't want it sitting around this house, and I didn't want to eat it all on a Sugar Bender. Well, That plan... Backfired. I have been eating sugary crap trying to fulfill that desire for several days. Luckily, I haven't gained any weight since I have my fitbit challenging me to be more active. 
  5. I have been going to the movies alot like usual, I really loved Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter... It was so friggin' good, full of action, special effects, historial accuracies and fun inaccuracies, great costumes and settings... One of the best of the year so far! I loved Brave too... Being a huge Disney & Pixar Fan, a fiery redhead myself, and of a slight Scottish descent... I loved every moment of it! I see alot of movies, and I can't tell you about them all or I will bore you to tears, but I see pretty much everything so let me know if you are interested in any and I will reply with my thoughts. As for Magic Mike, I was very disappointed. There was not much story, no chemistry between the characters and not enough striptease... When gorgeous scantily clad men can't save a movie, What's wrong in this world?
  6. I have been trying to work out more... and Beth and I have been water walking and chatting it up on friday nights at our gym, I can be more active! I know I can do this! 
  7. I have been cooking alot lately, I am really starting to enjoy experimenting and finding new healthy choices. I used the crockpot a couple times and made a killer pot roast, and some pulled pork. Good stuff! And Healthy too. The pulled pork was a Hungry Girl Recipe... I love her stuff!
  8. My niece, her boyfriend and their baby girl... got their first apartment last week. We are trying to get them started with some furniture and kitchen stuff. But nothing we offer is good enough for her fancy 22 year old mind. I find it so funny to see what it is like to be young and stupid... I have lived a lifetime sitting my ample ass on second hand couches... Anyway, I have had a happy life so far, you can't buy happy! 
  9. I am looking forward to a visit from my BBFF Jen, she was my roomie in Chicago for BOOBs for the last 2 years and I wish we lived closer than 3000+ miles apart. I can't wait to  introduce her to my family especially my little angels, we are going to hang out with Barb, and I am going to show her my Philly! It's gonna be a blast!
  10. July 4th is always a big family BBQ every year, so I will not torture myself til after that... because I am giving up Sugar for a week to detox, and I am not sure when I will start sometime in July. I will keep you updated.


  1. I am going to boobs for the first time this year and I will most definately look up Beth...I am actually really looking forward to seeing REAL faces to the blogs I read!

  2. Thanks for the warning about Magic Mike. I already didn't really give two sparrow farts either way about seeing it, but hearing they couldn't carry the plotline in a bucket just solidifies my decision to not waste my money.

    Have fun with Jenn! And sorry we won't see you in Chicago... will try to spend a little time with Beth. :)

  3. I'm glad you're loving your fitbit! I love our Friday night swim dates!