Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Updates.... A Journey Paused.

Well, I went for my 4th or 5th Weight Management appt with my Surgeon's office... Since it's not a first for me, I went through insurance approval hoop jumping 2 1/2 years ago before I had my lapband installed... This time is less stressful since I now know what to expect and I am not fearful of my new surgery or starting a new chapter of my weight loss journey...

  • My nutritionist told me to start logging my food again, I had stopped for the last few months.... So I am plugging it into myfitnesspal and seeing where I could make some cutbacks.
  • My weight was up again... So I need to make sure I get back to basics and listen to my body better. I am trying to start swimming at least at the gym... Friday will be the first TRY. We will see.
  • I have been cooking alot lately and I really enjoy finding new ways to make healthy food Yummy! I have brought a couple of old friends back into the mix that I have had on the back burner, namely Pork and a little beef. I find that variety makes staying on track much easier. I slip into my chicken, turkey, greek yogurt... routine for a few weeks and then spice it up with some homemade pulled pork (Hungry Girl has a great recipe) or fajitas at home... Which my hubby loves. I like to find things that are bread based like pulled pork or fajitas and eat them without the bread... BTW, Cheesesteaks... need the bread. They are Yuck without it. So I eat them in a pita or some flatbread. 
  • I am still going to alot of advanced movie screenings and loving being back in that lifestyle... This week I saw Rock of Ages(Actually my 2nd time seeing it), Lola Versus(Good but not Great), That's my Boy(My 3rd time seeing it, I love Adam Sandler and I needed the laugh), and tomorrow night I am seeing TED(I am looking forward to it since I love Seth MacFarlane)...
  • I am loving my new Nieces... Giana(My Great Niece) is almost 6 weeks old and Avery(Redheaded like her Auntie) is almost 5 weeks old. This is gonna be a great summer... I can't wait!


  1. your nieces are soooo cute!

    - Lisa

  2. somehow i can't join this site?


    good luck!

    1. Probably because you already belong... We have been following each other for years... I just changed my blog name since I am revising to Gastric Bypass... Donna, you are adorable! It's Maria-DiZneDiVa~ We met in Chicago last year, I was trying to visit you in CA when I was there last. XOXO *M*

  3. Hi Maria. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would have commented sooner but have not been on blogger for a while. Your nieces are soo cute. I think it's great that you have the opportunity for revision surgery and know that you will get to your goal. I look forward to following you in this next chapter of your journey.

    1. Thanx Bianca,

      I really appreciate your support, it seems that I am getting alot less comments since I let the info out of the bag that I am considering/having a revision. It means alot to me, I thought long and hard about this revision and it is the best choice for me. Everyone has to do whatever it takes to get to better health and my lapband has taken me as far as it can. I am so blessed to have your support. Healthy-living... one day at a time! XOXO *M*