Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fed Up... on Sugar and other nutrients!

Well, I am at the end of my rope... Trying to lose weight caused me to maintain for a long while, but as soon as i am supposed to maintain for my new revision... I lose a few pounds here and there... but then I start to gain a few pounds here and there. My back has been giving me severe spasms... so working out is a no go... but every little activity I do causes me to crave carbs especially sugar. Lets go over the facts... Bullet style. 

  • I am so much less active so that may be why I am not losing and even gaining weight... I need to find a way to stop giving into the sugar cravings, and go to my gym to use the pool at least. 
  • I need serious therapy for food addictions and disorders, I notice I eat right at breakfast, slip up slightly at lunch but no biggie and maybe a little slip up at dinner....but mostly good choices, and then 9pm hits and I want junk. The feeling is so strong and I try to quench it with a healthy snack but I eat my way to junk slowly. My calories are still around where they want them but I feel like I messed up my own day... and the scale shows it. 
  • Why... When I was eating totally right and exercising regularly did I not blame myself for the scale's hateful behavior but now that my eating is 20% questionable... I get so angry at myself. I do not want to RELOSE weight. I fought so hard to lose the first time. 
  • I have a weight management appt with my surgeon's office... I am headed for my 5th one and I need 6 for insurance approval. I know they are going to be casual about the weight gain, heartburn/reflux, and the PBing... because I have agreed to the revision but I want this band out sooner, rather than later... It is making me unable to eat my meals, even though they are correct portion size/protein first and healthy... I feel stuck within 2 or 3 bites, even though I am chewing well and eating slowly... when I PB which is too often, everything comes up. And I get reflux later that day. I am annoyed now, why wouldn't I agree to the revision a year ago when they first suggested it? I would be through this and on to my new life, band-free. 
  • I think my muscle relaxers and pain meds are making me struggle more with cravings and weight gain. I hope I really didn't gain that much weight, I still feel the same and my clothes fit the same. I am nauseous often too. This is a long journey, and I knew it would be but I feel like I am living in a holding pattern for too long.


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  2. Hi :) Have you ever considered Atkins? It has always made a world of difference for me. The first three days are miserable because your body is getting over carb addictions. I would strongly suggest reading the book so you understand how it works, that's what made me stick with it.