Friday, January 21, 2011

New year... Underway! Get it together, Maria!

i am milling around, not gaining weight but not losing much either... I guess I should think myself lucky since not all my eating choices have been good ones but I need to get more involved... Physically and Emotionally. Our Move and the plans, fears that go with it are causing some stress eating and lack of time for exercise... I know, i know... Take time for my health and well being. i will, I will! You guys are such nags... Or is that the voices in my head... probably both. I want to get and stay on track since moving back to Philly will throw a cheesesteak stuffed soft pretzel into my routine for sure...I feel ok but I could feel better and thinner. I haven't been updating my ticker either and I used to jump on every pound... with a celebratory ticker update. Anyway, I am back in O-Town and back going through stuff and getting rid of stuff... I have alot of stuff. Growing up poor keeps my mind thinking... What if we need that? Growing up Fat... keeps my mind thinking, what if I slip back into that size... Counterproductive... to say the least. I got some great new-to-me clothes from Heidi(Shrinking Mommy) and Amy(Babbles of a Bandster) so I can let go of some of my baggy-assed frumpy things... and get my style on!


  1. For what it's worth, sometimes, I think, it is counterproductive to fight life. If you allow yourself to just deal with what's going on with it all and tell yourself on day x after you've moved, it's done, you might be surprised at how well you then choose and adjust to the stress. In my case, fighting life makes me behave worse than if I just accept doing what I have to do to get through. Have a plan in place for when it's not ok to just go with the flow anymore, but in the meantime, just go with the flow...

    I hope this makes sense...

  2. Moving is very stressful. It is one of my least favorite things to do. Right up there with cleaning the cat box.

    Isn't it strange how our motivation ebbs and flows? Sometimes we're kicking ass and taking names and sometimes, eh? not so much ~ lol.

    Maintainance is a GOOD thing though. If you're managing to hold steady, that is a victory! I don't think I have ever in my life managed to maintain weight from one week to another or one month to another. I am confident you'll get back to it in no time!

  3. That is so funny about all of us nags out here. Put I can hear the same things through cyberspace. I have a huge stack of old clothes which have been sitting on a chair in my bedroom for 3 weeks. Can't decide to chuck them all to Goodwill or put them away somewhere. It is so hard letting go. Letting go of the fear that the weight will come back.