Friday, August 13, 2010

BYOC,,, Friday the 13th...

Well, It is time for the BYOC.... Fun Friday...

1. Do you remember your last dream?

I dreamed last night of being with my husband and my family on top of a non-descriptive bldg in NYC... I asked my George to come over to the edge of the roof to see something and he grabbed my Father and Sister and jumped off... trying to get to the next roof but fell to the ground... I screamed bloody murder and raced to the elevator, went down, ran thru the lobby, went outside and the 3 of them were sitting on a bench wiping a little blood off their faces... It was very strange and I usually never remember my dreams...

2. Which is your favorite body part of the human body and why?

It is hard to decide but I would be torn betwee
n the eyes... Windows to the soul and the mouth... I love smiles and kissing...

3. Tell me about your first kiss...

My first kiss is a sour subject for me.... I had a huge crush on this older boy whose family was really into the church... His brother was a preacher and the family owned this after school hangout called PTL(Praise the Lord)... We sorta dated and I was only 13 while he was almost 18... I broke it off with him because he was trying pushing me into sex... and I wasn't ready... so he apologized and asked to talk to me and walk me home one night... after he was telling everyone that he broke up with me because of my thunder thighs and that I was a prude... When he walked me home he tried to force himself on me in an alley behind my house... He ripped my favorite sweater and sat on top of me scaring me to death... I was finally about to pull my knee up enough to kick him in his... you know where... and I ran all the way home. It was the most frightening night on my life... and now memories of my first kiss are tarnished with the traumatic memories of his attempted rape. Anyway, That is how you turn a lighthearted question on a BYOC into a topic that should have been a whole blog... but this sexual assault may have been what prompted me to gain lots of weight over the next few years, at least that's what my therapist thinks... I blame my love of all things carb.

4. How big is your bed?

We have a King sized bed. I never thought we would get a big bed since one of the joys of marriage is clinging to each other in the night but we got it and now have the option of cuddling up next to each other or sleeping with a wall of hate and disgust between us... LOL. Besides King-sized beds are so much more fun for sexcapades...

5. Repeat question....whose blog or comment stuck with you the most this week and why?

I think for me it was definitely Carmen's Lifetime of Fatness post... It was honest and painful for Carmen to recall and she wrote so beautifully about her feelings and I know many of us can totally relate. i love Carmen!


  1. What a weird dream! Dreams are so strange sometimes (okay, most of the time).

    How awful that someone you trusted violated that trust - I'm so glad you were able to get away. How scary.

    On a happier note, loved your answer to #4! :)

  2. That sounds like one freaky dream:P

    I wish you had better memories for a first kiss:(

    Thanks for your supportive comments, they are much appreciated.

  3. OH that dream is scary...and I'm so sorry I brought up bad memories with my question...I'm always afraid I'll do that and it looks like I did. So sorry...and I'm also sorry you were ever put in that situation that was NOT your fault in any way. I love Camille too.

    And thank you - for your comment on my pity party blog last night. It really meant a lot to me. Thank you.

  4. What a crazy dream! I wish we had a King Size bed. We went from Double to Queen, but now I want more room!

  5. Sorry about the dream -- that must have been awful to experience, even in the dream world.

    Many of us, unfortunately, could relate to your "first kiss" answer. For me it wasn't an early boyfriend, it was a boss when I was in between 7th and 8th grade. Had it not been for the guy who was my first kiss, my boss would have been. Sadness for both of us! ***HUG***