Saturday, May 21, 2016

One day at a time....

              I wish i was normal sometimes... even though it's boring in most ways... normal metabolism would be amazing. i dare not ask for a fast I promised myself long ago, that if i slipped backwards... i would stop myself from falling by jumping back in line. I eat healthy but i tend to snack and crave sweets. I was diabetic and have been normal for years after losing alot of my extra weight... i gained a little back but I am happy to be mostly stable. but now i am pre-diabetic again... So I need to watch my sugar and carbs more closely. Doing this will make sure I start losing weight... so what's stopping me from diving in? Fear of failing? Maybe. I feel like I don't have a sleeve... I never really overate.... but I always loved sweets and i try not to eat them... but I cave sometimes... just one, just today, just this party... just Epic Fail.
              I know I have will power. I have lost hundreds of pounds dieting over the years... but I have also gained back a ton. I need to "Check Myself, before I Wreck myself".... Just because my fat diseases are in remission doesn't mean i am cured... I don't want them back or the weight back. I don't mind a break from dieting once in a while but not so long that I forget where I've been and how hard it was to get here... I will make a new plan and get back on the horse before I end up breaking his back and my spirit.


  1. Woohoo! That's the spirit baby!!!!

  2. Fear of failure is such a motivation sucker. I totally get it. Way to keep at it!!