Saturday, May 14, 2016

Life Happens

I admit that I sometimes believe that I'll always be fat... Do I have to be unhappy or downright miserable to lose weight? I am a happy person.... I love life, I love myself, I am in love with an incredible man, I feel fulfilled. How is this possible when I'm morbidly obese? My health is much better since I had a Lapband and sleeve.... But my weight, although it's lower.... Isn't low enough. I didn't have high expectations,... I am 5'10", so I could be content around 250. Do I have to hit rock bottom again?


  1. I hope not. Weight and happiness should be 2 different things. Just because you are working at weight loss, doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't be happy. Life should be worth living!! I'm glad you are happy!!!!

  2. If your life is already happy, then it is hard to find the reason to lose weight. My mother was the same way. She lost all her excess weight and when she hit goal, she said "I was happier being fat" and put it all back on. What she didn't contemplate was the health impact of being overweight (although happy) and unfortunately passed away. It was the shock that I needed to realise that I needed to be happy AND healthy for my family.