Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sunshine State,,, Bullets over Disney

  • I really did miss the weather, It's not hot here but it's comfortable. I like throwing on a lite jacket once in a while, but not having to bundle up.
  • I hate the tourists, they're annoying... They are in their own world, don't know where they're going and make driving here incredibly dangerous. I know HATE is a strong word... but for dramatic effect, It works. Pull over to the side, and figure it out people... Who reads a map while driving? Being a tourist is the most self-centered thing you can be, it's similar to being a Kardasian... I love to travel, but I am a traveler. I enjoy the journey as much as the designation, and try to step lightly on the locals' lives.... maybe even enhance them.
  • The WiFi at this motel is spotty at best, I am blogging ay 5am to be able to use it freely... I need to use the internet during the day when folks are at the theme parks, but I have been running around too much.
  • My George has been enjoying being back at Disney for a couple weeks, he missed it...He loves the people he works with and the extra money has been a godsend. He has been working alot though and I hardly ever see him... but in a few weeks we'll be back home and enjoying our first thanksgiving with our families.
  • I had lunch yesterday with one of my lapband support group friends, she works with George and we used to go to group every month together. She is not a blogger but is doing well, She just had to have her Gallbladder removed, which I hear is common.
  • I have gotten to spend time with alot of my O-Town friends which is great, but I also have been eating out alot... since I am limited to what I can do at the Motel. I stocked the Mini-fridge with greek yogurt, protein shakes, and bottled water... and I am trying to make good choices when I am out, it's hard to keep track of my calories though...
  • I brought my Wii and have been keeping up with my Just Dancing each day. I played with friends for the first time the other day... It sure was fun, Fitness and fun usually don't go together for me... Maybe someday.
  • I miss my Nephews, this weekend that just past was my first weekend I missed seeing them in 6 months. They are the Sunshine in my other State.
  • Overall, Life is Good... I am going through some things we are putting in storage down here until we drive down next(We flew this time), goodwilling, and tossing... Our house is a huge mess but it's getting there. Unloading that burden will be a huge blessing.
PS... Did I mention that the Tourists suck?
PPS... I miss you too Beth, I am singing the KISS song in my head to you? Just a few more hours and I'll be back home to you... Did this just get creepy? LOL... Anyone, if anyone hasn't checked out Beth's blog... Head over there. She's amazing, and she's friends with me... So that means she's patient, understanding, not easily embarrassed and has lots of bail money.


  1. Wishing you safe travels - don't kill any tourists!

  2. LOL...a bit creepy, but that's ok. Enjoy Florida and keep dancing your azz off!

  3. Hey, I was just a tourist for five weeks and only nearly injuried one local due to my driving (I am very sorry to that lady in England - no one was injuried in real life - but I did shock ten years off my life)

  4. At least your hotel doesn't have a fridge that is stocked and on a sensor! I took all the bottles out once & replaced with my own stuff only to find out it automatically charged our room for everything I took out (& put back sheesh!) haha. Lesson learned! Keep up the great work :)