Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coming Home.... Just in time for a Big Fat Turkey and Hopefully some PIE!

Today, We are heading home.... Yay! I love Disney but I miss my Nephews so much.

  • Have you ever had your maxipad get all twisted and give you an involuntary Brazilian wax? No.... Me Neither.
  • I went to the Disney Theme Parks only 2 days since I got here 3 weeks ago.... LOL
  • I got to see alot of my friends including Amy(Babbles of a Bandster)
  • I went to Amy's house and met her beautiful kids and then we went to support group together. I really missed her.
  • Some NSVs.... I fit on every roller coaster that I tried to go on, Everyone has told me that I look thinner even though I really haven't lost much weight in the last 7 months(I may be redistributing the weight or they're just trying to be nice...LOL), & I walked all over the parks without pain and suffering or hyperventilation.
  • In other news, my eating hasn't been great... but I will get back into my routine when I get home.
  • I still love my husband, even after a stressful work trip like this full of seedy motels, crap eating, hardly seeing each other, clearing out our old house, goodwilling, & 4 days of sleeping on a friend's couch and loveseat like we're teenagers.
  • I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight... and cuddle my husband and our furry son(I really missed Mr. Q)...
  • I look forward to thanksgiving but it's mostly about seeing my family and spending time with them all... and less about the PIE.
  • I am sorry I haven't written that much lately... but I will have some more stories to tell so stayed tuned.


  1. Your maxi pad comment made me LOL! :) I am so glad to hear you had a fun time in Orlando. I will be there for xmas, cant wait!

  2. Welcome back, you were missed!

  3. Hahaha.....glad you had a good trip; your comment about the maxi pad killed me!