Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I like.... You

I am basking in the glory of another awesome award... from My Philly Sista Barb, Lady Lapband, and Ash from Seeing in Colour... I am truly honored. I am so blessed to have found this supportive, loving community and consider you all my friends and greatest inspiration... That being said... State 10 things I like: Only 10, I didn't get this fat only liking 10 things... I love life and everything that goes with it. Here goes! 1)I like George! he smells good and his smile lights up his whole face, If I didn't marry him, I would probably stalk him for life... Just Jokes but I would want to be his friend for as long as my broken-heart would allow. I could swim in his beautiful Caribbean blue eyes, too... He's awesome but that doesn't mean he doesn't cause me a certain amount of annoyance and grief. 2)I like the pride that comes from being from Philly... The ups and downs of the Philly sports fans' lives and the Brotherly love that I haven't found anywhere else... maybe except here. 3) I like scrapbooking which comes from my original love of photography... Nothing like capturing moments to relive later... So I hope all you photo phobic are over it by Chicago because I will be snapshoting it up! 4)I like Movies... especially in the theater, It seems like a romantic break from the everyday of our marriage... We hold hands and cuddle, those arms that go up are the best invention ever... It doesn't really matter what movie but It rocks if it's good... I also enjoy complaining about the bad ones... like Piranha 3D. 5)I like traveling... seeing the world, experience other cultures, riding around the country, meeting new people, Pit stops, rest stops, greasy spoons, the journey itself... 6)I like to Cruise... i know this is similar to #5 but I think cruising needs it's own spot, I love the staff, the food, the stupid trivia games, sitting on the deck watching the waves, I love sleeping with the balcony door open hearing the sound of the waves(When we spurge for a balcony), and meeting Cruise Cousins, other folks who love to cruise and give you tips and critiques of the other cruise lines... And keeping in touch with said cruise cousins. 7)I like Disney... actually I megalike Disney, I enjoy the fantasy of a perfect community, the shows, the movies, the Cast members, I loved working for them, but now I just enjoy being a Disney Spouse... It is a magical place like no other... DisneyWorld is my favorite but I love Disneyland too and hope to get to see the others soon. 8)i like eating out... restaurants and being served, the smells and the food, even fast food restaurants are more enjoyable these days... I never thought I would be at peace with food, I feel like I have been at war with it for as long as I can remember, but It's ok for me to love food, it's not ok for me to put it before everything else and kill myself with it... It will be there tomorrrow, I don't have to eat it all today. I even love watching the Food Network. 9)I like to laugh and make others laugh... I can find the humor in almost anything, including myself... 10)I like Facebook... I thought I would tire of it but it rocks... still. I like playing the games and hearing about my classmates' current lives, following your lives on there, and of course, my family's... I wish I invented it myself and I can't wait for that new movies about the creators of facebook which will combine 2 of my likes, movies and facebook... I need to nominate 10 other bloggers... and this is hard. There are so many of you that have inspired me and comforted me thru the ups and downs of my journey. Rules are rules... 1)Carmen-I'm with the Band... She's just friggin' cool, supportive and a great friend... and she sent me some amazing clothes... making me a little cooler in the process. 2)Jen-Freckle on the nose of life's complexion... Jen is like a ray of sunshine, she's cheery and sweet, and everything I want to be when I grow down. She's a gorgeous redhead... What's not to like... her outlook on life is so uplifting and optimistic, reading her opens you up to life's possibilities? 3)Amey-Does this donut make my butt look big?... Well, I am lucky enough to hang with Amey in Chicago as roommates ... She is truly inspirational, having overcome so many obstacles, and ups and downs... She is a Marriage expert since she's been married 5 times... each marriage making her stronger and brought her closer to her true love... i am proud to call her friend. 4)Amy W-Once upon a time in the land of cheese and sunkist... Amy is incredible, not only because she's lost almost 160 pounds but she's living her life to the fullest, which is what pretty much all of us wish we were doing, as we go through our journeys we look forward to the day when water skiing, kayaking, camping, etc will be a possibility for us to try... and perhaps fail but at least try... She makes me want to live a better life.... a more active life, a legendary life, like hers... and she's incredibly beautiful with a smile that lights up cyberspace... 5)Ash-Seeing in Colour- Killer looks and a unique style make Ash's blog so awesome to read... She's funny, honest, and always out on the town... Her comments are incredibly supportive and her Artful view of life is inspirational... She also takes amazing photos and gorgeous blue-eyes... 6)Grace-Grace's Fat Chance... I have had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Grace and she's as amazing in real life as she is in her blog... She is a go-getter, she knows what she wants and goes after it, she is strong, she comes through life's trial and tribulations like it was a cake walk, and she's honest, she shows you that we all struggle with our cravings and lack of grace... Well, luckily, I never have to lack Grace since she's my friend and her support and inspiration give me the will-control(My much needed Willpower and selfcontrol combo) and poetic grace to go on... 7) Stephanie-Dreams of Skinny High Heels... Again, Steph, a fellow Floridian, who I have had the pleasure of meeting, She inspires with her honesty, and humor... Whether she is chasing a phantom pooper, or a beer... She is fun-loving and tells it like it is... which was a hard but necessary pill to swallow for me, at first but who but your real friends would flat out tell you when you're sabotaging yourself. She is so powerful in her convictions and so supportive of mine, I love reading her blog and feeling like I am right there with her through her detailing and great storytelling. She is a amazing person inside and out, and I can't wait to hang out with her again. 8)Pretty Kristen-Bringing Pretty Back... mainly because she's bringing pretty back one blog post at a time... Like a modern day Dear Abby, her blog makes you think and cherish what's really important in life, family, charity, and kindness... Her supportive comments make you feel like you are the only blog she reads and you feel special... She is the personification of Pretty... 9)Nicole-A Little Bit Less of Me... Nicole is a new blogger who will be banded September 13th and she is already lighting up the blog world with supportive comments and incredible blog posts... She is a fun and crazy cool New Yorker who is honest about her fears and excited about her progress and so friggin' supportive of my progress... I will sit indian style in a chair for her anytime... well, not yet but soon enough. Check out her blog... you won't regret it! 10)Beth-I'm ready to become the Woman I want to be for the rest of my life... Beth rocks! Literally she was named after the KISS ballad and She has rocked her band as hard... almost 100 pounds down, and gorgeous as can be, She can't help but inspire you by her sheer success.. but she is honest and thoughtful and makes you see that you can do this... Her supportive comments and the amazing conversations we have had fill me with GLEE when I realize that I am headed to Chicago and will meet her there... along with so many more inspirational women... in my life.


  1. Aw shucks! I love you, hun!! See you (again!) soon!

  2. you are incredibly sweet! loves ya, oh yeah and thanks for the award

  3. Thank you!!! My first award. I literally whooped out loud when I read this today!!! You are terrific. I can't wait to meet you and everyone else at next year's BOOBS.

  4. Congrats! I've nominated you as well. :)

  5. Hey Maria!!

    Thanks for the comment! I am sure you are right that the goal is attainable but I'd prety much have to work my tail off to get it. We'll see how motivated I am over the next 2 months!

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


  6. I am sorry I'm so late with this, but THANK YOU! :) Looking forward to catching up with you!