Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boobies.... Answers!

Hi all the boobie girls! Someone much more organized than I am thought it would be fun to know more about you, and she enlisted me to think of some crazy questions…so…this is sort of a Gillyified version of Drazil’s BYOC. Knock yourselves out.

1) You’re trapped on a desert island and you can bring only 3 of your favourite foods along. What do you bring?

Only 3 foods.... wow! Which 3 would it be? Well, This made be a different answer if you asked me tomorrow or yesterday but, i need dark chocolate for sure... and the other 2 would be... Blacked Chicken Salad from TiJuana Flats and Pecan crusted baked salmon from Boma(Animal Kingdom Lodge)...
2) If you could meet any 3 people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

Gene Simmons-I think he's an amazing businessman and manages to balance business and a happy family life... Plus, I want to RockNRoll all night and party everyday!
Bill Clinton-i think he was the best president we've ever had and he did more for women and single mothers than any other as well... We all know he is passionate about women. Ellen DeGeneres-I think she's hilariously funny and so warm and genuine... She is so charitable and has a amazing gorgeous wife.
3) What is your stripper name? (take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on)

April Lamport(April might have worked but lamport... not so much)

4) How old were you when you lost your virginity? Alternative question if you don’t want to answer this: What is your LEAST favourite part of your bod since losing weight? Your MOST favourite since losing weight?

I was about 18 when I lost my virginity, I hate my saggy waggy arms, and I still love my boobs... even though they're saggin' and waggin' these days too.

5) Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a house that is supposedly haunted?

I believe in demons and that they will mess with us so that we think they're ghosts and don't believe in an afterlife, pulling us farther from God... No, I wouldn't stay in a haunted house... even though I don't believe in ghosts... something must be causing that rumor/legend.
6) What is your natural hair colour? If you dye it something completely different from what your momma gave ya, how come?

My hair is red, it used to be lighter like dark strawberry blonde but it is all red now, I get it highlighted now with golden highlights... it just looks more "Summery" that way...

7) Boxers or briefs? Alternatively…bikinis or granny panties?

I like Boxer briefs on hubby, I like hipsters for me.
8) If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? (Trilogies do not count as one movie, cheaterpantses!)

Steel Magnolias, it makes me laugh, cry, scream, cheer, and sometimes sing and dance.
9) What is your guilty pleasure (feel free to go straight to the gutter with this one if the spirit moves you!)

Chocolate... any kind but especially dark chocolate (Milky Way Midnight, Snickers Dark, Godiva Dark Chocolate raspberry filled)
10) How many pounds gone forever are you celebrating?? :)

89... so far.


  1. Your fantastic.... loved the answers... this is why we all love you!

  2. Ps. im jealous im not being a boob with you all :(

  3. @Unfortunately for you, Ash... Being a Boob is not a geography thing... You are a Boob whether you go to Chicago or not. Maybe next year you'll swim across the Oceans to join us. *Maria*

  4. Great answers! I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. Have fun in Chi-town without me...but let's do a mini-BOOB when you get back. :)

  5. Oh Steel Magnolias is a def classic...fo sho. See you soon!

  6. so i was at a party recently and they had vh-1 or something on mute on the TV while party music was blasting and gene simmons was on and i plopped down on the sofa and annouced that i would love to have sex with him. it was at a party full of lesbians so *that* went over well. but i am sorry...i heart him.

    and bill clinton too.

    have fun this weekend.

  7. So sad I won't be able to meet you in person, maybe next year it will work out for me. Have a great time and take lots of pictures.

  8. I agree with you - I love Bill Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres. :)

    And wow, that pecan crusted baked salmon sounds awesome. If I wasn't hungry before, I am now!

  9. Maria! We have so much in common... who knew!? Check my answers to these questions. Wish I'd have had more than 19 hours in Chicago & been able to get to know you (& so many others) better! Hopefully next year...
    Robin at Band on the Run
    P.S. LOVED your answer to #5!