Monday, October 28, 2013

Demanded by my STS.... an Update from beyond the Sleeve.

Bullets... I guess.

  • I have been taking this long recovery one day at a time.... I try not to worry about the weight loss or lack off, but it is difficult to go through all of this and not hope for a silver lining.
  • I am making an appt to see a Pulmonary specialist since my lung is not back to normal, It feels like it's bruised when I take a big breath, and I get short of breath even gasping for air.
  • I have lost around 73 pounds since my surgery, which is a great start... but I know I could do better. 
  • I love how much time I get to spend with my George.... We see a lot of movie screenings, and concerts, and are planning a cruise for our next anniversary.
  • I love Jen... My Sleeve Twin Sister. She has been incredibly supportive during this tough time, and so inspirational.
  • My brother is mad at me and is keeping my little angels from me, I am starting to get mad at him too.
  • My Mom got remarried on October 17th to a man she meet around 50 years ago, before she met and married my Dad. I am happy for her, when we lost my Dad 10 years ago.... She was damaged, and it felt like 1/2 of her died with him, but now with Charlie who has spent the last 5 decades loving her and filled with regret... She is content and loved. She has a companion and some pretty great sex... I should have warned you, she's a over It is kinda cool that He was the first person she had sex with and may end up the last person she has sex
  • My eating as been good but not great... I could do better... Since I am not really able to workout except for swimming, which is difficult to force in this cold, even if it is indoors. But I am working on it.
  • I am still on the blood thinners and I am finally therapeutic... which means I only need blood tests once a month instead of once a week... Yippee!
  • I feel pretty good about myself these days... I take a lot of extra vitamins to help strengthen my immunity since the missing spleen weakens Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A... but the Vitamin A seems to make me break out like a teenager, which I didn't even do when I was a


  1. Yay, thanks for the update! That is a great story about your mom. I'm glad you are feeling better, though it sounds like you aren't 100% yet. -73 is awesome!

  2. I love you too! smooches xoxo!

  3. Wow your story is amazing, good luck with it all!

  4. You're amazing!! Good luck on your journey.