Sunday, January 1, 2012

Detox... Day one.

DETOX... It was almost my word for 2012. I need to get rid of this carb monkey... They taste so good.... and they are so hard to resist. Sounds like I am a junkie, right? Well, I am.... and I will tell you How I know!

  • I desire sugar.... I don't care if I get my protein in or worry about my fiber... I want Sugar.
  • Sugar is my drug, it gives me a natural high that makes me feel great for a very short time and a crashing low afterwards...
  • I can't eat it in moderation... I always think that i can this time, but I am wrong.
  • I would prefer it over everything else.... Cake, Cookies, Chocolate... In all forms, it's delicious.
  • I sneak eat it... If I feel I have to hide eating it, or how much I eat of it. I shouldn't be eating it at all.
  • It keeps me from my goals... i can't lose weight with Sugar in my diet... I am not talking about Milk sugar, or natural sugar from fruits.... I am talking straight up Simple Sugars.
  • It makes me crave more... and more... and more.
  • It is not my friend and is not supportive of my success.
  • I want this monkey off my back.... long term.

DETOX.... That's where I am, I am in my own home but I am on all liquids... and it feels like withdrawal. The Sugar overload of the holidays has made me want all carbs... chips, pretzels, chocolate, cookies, cake, etc... I need to knock this monkey off my back by getting back to basics.

PLATEAU... This is what brought this on, i stopped losing weight even while doing everything right, so each week with no results, made me do less and less right until.... I was doing everything wrong. Now don't get me wrong, i can't do as much wrong as I could pre-band but i sure tried. Every diet I was ever on came to this... and I gained the weight back. My band has helped me maintain ever in this distress. I fell off the wagon and i needed to get back on. I was saved by my band, I may of gained a few pounds back(I don't know since my scale isn't working)
but my clothes still fit and I don't feel heavier. I am hoping I caught this in time.

RESULTS... If I stop seeing results, I will do more right... not more wrong. The pain in my knees, back, feet, and hips is back... My body is now used to this weight. I need to get it feeling great again. Knock off a few pounds so I can hit the gym harder and get more results. This is HARD WORK... Don't let anyone tell you different!


  1. I know it's hard mate... but if you want something bad enough, it can be done.
    Make 2012 THE YEAR for you (and me) to finally get it right.

  2. i love you pumpkin! We are going to have an awesome year :)

  3. way to get back on track :) you can do it!

  4. OMG! I could have written this post! Why oh why do we sabotage everything we have done! Thank gosh for the band's saving graces!

  5. Yep, the carb monkey is hard to kick! He just taste so good :/

    Glad to see you are getting on track and getting rid of the monkey!!! Happy New Year :o)

  6. I totally understand! I'm that way with bread. I love it and I can't control myself with it. The band helps, but if I want to lose, I have to cut it out completely. And it is so hard! But it is worth it. Do it, girl!

  7. I am totally addicted to carbs and sugar. Hard to kick it, but when I did, I could see so much more clearly. The three day headache withdrawal is the worst. Look how far you've come. You can totally do this!